Endar Miniatures - Steel Legion

Endar Miniatures – Steel Legion

I have some more forces joining my ranks, Steel Legion!

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Another day and another regiment will join my ranks! Today the Steel Legion join my growing Catachan force and my Cadians. I have spoken about having a Steel Legion force before. Let us take a look at this Endar Miniatures Review…

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Endar Miniatures completed these Steel Legion for me and I’m more than happy with them!

Models Completed by Endar Miniatures

I went for a very specific mix of models to give me some decent options.

  • A single Company Commander, also useful as a Platoon Commander
  • A single Sergeant
  • 4x Plasma Guns
  • A Heavy Weapons Team with Missile Launcher
  • A Grenade Launcher
  • 6x Lasgun Infantry
Steel Legion Plasma

Steel Legion Plasma

The 4 Plasma Guns means I can field a Command Squad and a Company Commander.

All the models were from Games Workshop. I just managed to order them before they were pulled! Which was lucky! One Plasma Gun I had to kitbash though. This was because I couldn’t find one on eBay and by this point Games Workshop had pulled them. But he worked out well.

This range of models will let me field a few combinations of squads;

  • A Veteran Squad with 3 Plasma Guns
  • An Infantry Squad with a Plasma Gun and Missile Launcher
  • A Command Squad with 4 Plasma Guns
  • A Special Weapons Squad with 3 Plasma Guns


Steel Legion Kitbash

Steel Legion Kitbash

Paint Job

I let Jiv at Endar Miniatures get on with the job. I didn’t give any real guidance. I just wanted them dirty, rather than clean.

And I have to say he has done a splendid job.

The red/white storm symbols were all him, as well as the plasma effect, visors, bases and general grubbiness of the models. I will let the photos speak for me…