Deathstrike Markers Completed

Deathstrike Markers Completed

My first kits from the new Cadian models are now complete!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

The new Deathstrike rules require a marker to be set up on the table; these are my Deathstrike Markers. Smoke grenades to mark the spot for absolute destruction! Maybe, maybe next turn…

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I used smoke plumes from Deadly Print Studio.

These were primed with Mechanicus Standard Grey spray and then painted Vallejo White. I also spray the tops of them black a bit to give a darker tone under the white. I washed them with heavily watered-down Russ Grey and a little Nuln Oil towards the top.

I applied Green Stuff to the ends to give a smoother tip into the smoke grenades. The smoke plumes came with a flat bottom.


I used 50mm Games Workshop bases close to 2” diameter and 1” radius. This should make measuring a little easier. If the Deathstrike hits anything within 3” of the centre of the marker, I can measure 2” from the edge.

They were primed in Zandri Dust spray, and I used my regular Dry Mud base recipe on them, followed by Tiny Tufts Grass and pigments.


The smoke grenades are from Anvil Industries Grenades and Explosives Pack.

The most straightforward aspect of the project. Simply red, yellow and blue with a silver handle and Nuln Oil wash. I ended up drilling into them to fix the smoke. That helped a lot with the look.

Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

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