Cadians Vs Wooden Necrons - 2022 League - 2,000 pts
Battle Reports

Cadians Vs Wooden Necrons – 2022 League – 2,000 pts

The fifth full game of the 2022 League...

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

My fifth game of the 2022 League is underway, this is 2,000 points of Cadians Vs Necrons!

The full details and results of the 2022 League can be found here.

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This game was played at Boards and Swords.

Cadian List

My list can be seen here on my 2,000pts Cadian page for the League. This list is slightly different from the one listed because of points changes and the ability to take some war gear for free. So my Infantry squads now all have;

  • A Vox-Caster
  • A Lascannon
  • A Plasma Gun or Melta Gun
  • Sarg with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol

I get one additional Warlord Trait and Relic as normal on top of my special League List. For this game, I took; Relic of Lost Cadia and Gifted Commander on my Demolisher Tank Commander.

Cadian Secondaries

  • No Prisoners
  • Retrieve Nachmund Data
  • Psychic Interrogation


Necrons List

And Tom’s Necrons here.

Necrons Secondaries

  • Code of Combat
  • Retrieve Nachmund Data
  • Engage On All Fronts

The Mission – Conversion

Score 4VP for each other the following;

  • Control 1 or more Objectives.
  • Control 2 or more Objectives.
  • Control more Objectives than the enemy.

Then at the end of each player’s turn;

  • 4VP if they control the Objective in their opponent’s Deployment Zone.
  • 2VP if they control an Objective that is in No Man’s Land.
  • Lose 1VP if they do not control the Objective in their own Deployment Zone.

The Battlefield

Cadians Vs Necrons – The Battle Plan

Deployment Plan

Deployment Plan

Cadians Vs Necrons – Turn 1 Plan

Turn 1 Plan

Turn 1 Plan

Cadians Vs Necrons – Turn 2 Plan

Turn 2 Plan

Turn 2 Plan

The Execution

Everything before this point was written pre-game… here goes…

It went badly!

Turn 1


20 Warriors Veil of Darkness, kill an Infantry Squad with shooting, and charge another, killing that too. They wrap a Platoon Commander and tag in melee my Gatekeeper.

The Stormlord loses 12 Wounds.

Astra Militarum

I cannot shoot the Warriors on my doorstep because the Platoon Commander is locked in combat.

I killed two Skorpekh Destroyers in the Shooting Phase.

The Bullgryns wade into the Warriors, killing 15 of the 20.

Turn 2


I lose a handful of Bullgryns and the Stormlord.

Astra Militarum

Infantry moves forward, but nothing will stop the Necrons by now.

Turn 3


Astra Militarum

Turn 4 & 5

Finishing up.

Cadians Vs Necrons – Summary

Well, this was the worst scoring game I have ever had in 9th Edition. Seven Victory Points in total.

This was using Nachmund, because it is a historic league locked into that ruleset – it goes to show how badly we were hurting then. In the new Nephilim missions, I have faired much better.

Final Score

Astra Militarum – 17
Necrons – 96

Necrons Victory