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2022 League - Warhammer 40,000
Posted By Jake

2022 League – Warhammer 40,000

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Some form of tabled results goes here…

The Forces

Jake Cadians – this links off to my 2,000 points list

Simon Alpha Legion  – this links off to Simon’s 2,000 points list

etc, etc

House Rules

House Rule Number 1

Your Warlord MUST remain the same throughout the entire League.

House Rule Number 2

Units that make an appearance during the 3 warmup games don’t have to stay in your final list.

Units that are not in the warmup games CAN be included in your 2,000pt list for the 9 league games.

However… your 2,000pt list cannot change and will need to be played for 9 games.

House Rule Number 3

Any Chapter Approved points increases/decreases released after March will NOT affect your final list.

Any Chapter Approved/Codex changes to your army released at any time next year WILL be applied to your army.

Game 1: January – 1,250pts

You can take an additional WL Trait and Relic for FREE!

Game 2: February – 1,500pts

You can take an additional WL trait OR Relic for FREE!

Game 3: March – 1,750pts

You can take an additional WL trait OR Relic for FREE!

This means that when the League starts officially in April, everyone can have an additional TWO Warlord Traits AND Relics which will cost no additional CP.


EVERYONE is to paint up 9 times from their army so they can give one to each opponent after their game.

This can be a helmet, a power sword, a Lasrifle, a shoulder pauldron or whatever you see fit to give them, but something that is identifiable as from your army.

These are trophies for your Warlord to display however you wish.

Infantry Model Donation

It would be great if everyone could donate one infantry model (unpainted/unprimed) so I can get them all mounted on a base so we have a trophy for the winner at the end of the league.