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2022 League - Warhammer 40,000
Posted By Jake

2022 League – Warhammer 40,000

Approximate Reading Time: 7 minutes


All these games were played at Boards and Swords Hobbies.


Individual game results will be posted on a Force’s page. E.g. want to know who won when Simon player Richard? Head to either Simon’s or Richard’s Force page to find out.

The Forces

Charlie – Grey Knights

“The Garrison” – Grand Master Titus Vullhawk

Jake – Astra Militarum

“The Forgotten Phalanx” – Company Commander Emil Thanz

Joe – Nurgle Daemons

“The Blight” – Gangreous Flyblown

Lance – Blood Angels

“The Day of Sorrows” First Company Captain Arenos Karlaen

Liam – Custodes

“Ineptus Custards” – Vonstantin Caldor, Warrior of Storms, Fluffy Wings

Olly – Alpha Legion

“Serpents of the Echo” – Alpharius Nul

Richard – Necrons

“The Will of the Silent King” – Menkhet the Unyeilding

Ryan – Drukhari

“The Fireborn Raiders” – Archon Overlord Hadur

Simon – Iron Hands

“Ghosts of Atlas” – Chapter Master Draevüs Ordane

Tom – Necrons

“The Wooden Legion” – Zoxapyr the Unrelenting


Round 1 – April

  • Lance v Simon – 83 – 52
  • Olly v Jake – 88 – 69
  • Tom v Charlie – 94 – 63
  • Ryan v Rich – 96 – 48
  • Liam v Joe – 98 – 77

Round 2 – May

  • Jake v Lance – 54 – 97
  • Charlie v Simon – 93 – 55
  • Rich v Olly – 65 – 89
  • Joe v Tom – 57 – 91
  • Liam v Ryan – 51 – 77

Round 3 – June

  • Lance v Charlie – 46 – 63
  • Jake v Rich – 69 – 65
  • Simon v Joe – 89 – 44
  • Olly v Liam – 44 – 94
  • Tom v Ryan – 83 – 60

Round 4 – July

  • Rich v Lance – 67 – 95
  • Joe v Charlie – 46 – 100
  • Liam v Jake – 79 – 37
  • Ryan v Simon – 86 – 69
  • Tom v Olly – 96 – 60

Round 5 – August

  • Lance v Joe 95 – 49
  • Rich v Liam – 47 – 97
  • Charlie v Ryan – 97 – 59
  • Jake v Tom
  • Simon v Olly – 53 – 88

Round 6 – September

  • Liam v Lance
  • Ryan v Joe
  • Tom v Rich
  • Olly v Charlie
  • Simon v Jake

Round 7 – October

  • Lance v Ryan
  • Liam v Tom
  • Joe v Olly
  • Rich v Simon
  • Charlie v Jake

Round 8 – November

  • Tom v Lance
  • Olly v Ryan
  • Simon v Liam
  • Jake v Joe
  • Charlie v Rich

Round 9 – December

  • Lance v Olly
  • Tom v Simon
  • Ryan v Jake
  • Liam v Charlie
  • Joe v Rich

House Rules

House Rule Number 1

Your Warlord must remain the same throughout the entire League.

House Rule Number 2

Units that make an appearance during the 3 warmup games don’t have to stay on your final list.

Units that are not in the warmup games can be included in your 2,000pt list for the 11 league games.

However… your 2,000pt list cannot change and will need to be played for 11 league games.

House Rule Number 3

Any Chapter Approved points increases/decreases released after March will not affect your final list.

Any Chapter Approved/Codex changes to your army released at any time next year will be applied to your army.

Game 1: January – 1,250pts

You can take an additional WL Trait and Relic for FREE!

Game 2: February – 1,500pts

You can take an additional WL trait or Relic for FREE!

Game 3: March – 1,750pts

You can take an additional WL trait or Relic for FREE!

This means that when the League starts officially in April, everyone can have an additional two Warlord Traits and Relics which will cost no additional CP.


Everyone is to paint up 9 trophies from their army so they can give one to each opponent after their game.

This can be a helmet, a power sword, a Lasrifle, a shoulder pauldron or whatever you see fit to give them, but something that is identifiable as from your army.

These are trophies for your Warlord to display however you wish.

Terrain & Missions

The terrain for your games will be on each table for you to arrange in accordance with the maps below. Each game will use the deployment map below and a terrain map for each deployment has been drafted to create the most balanced, competitive 40k experience possible for attendees of all levels and across multiple games. Please note that no model or player may abuse terrain to gain an unsportsmanlike advantage. These maps have been designed to allow for the most common army builds and cannot simultaneously cater to very unusual lists while still being balanced for the vast majority of common tournament army archetypes.

All the terrain rules must be played as per the rules for terrain in the matched play section of the rule book.

How To Set Up Terrain

Each round uses a different mission and deployment map and has a unique terrain layout to match. When you arrive at the table please set up the objectives for your mission and then set up the terrain according to these maps. The maps list dimensions where the placement of the terrain is not obvious by making reference to the deployment zone or objectives. As an additional aid, the maps are on a 1” by 1” grid and objective control zones are marked out to make the intent of the terrain placement clear.

A Note On Moving and Terrain

Please familiarize yourself with the rules as they relate to moving and terrain and bear in mind that non-infantry/beasts/swarms can still move up/over ruins and ruined walls using the normal rules for movement and ignore terrain less than 1” in height for movement purposes, as per the core rulebook.

Terrain Types

Large L Shape

This terrain piece has a base size of 20 x 20 cm and two line of sight blocking wall faces also of 20cm x 20cm. It has three levels: 5cm, 10cm and 20cm. Played using the rules for Ruins from the rule book, therefore the base is considered part of the model when determining line of sight / obscuring.

Medium L Shape

This terrain piece has a base size 4cm wide. The wall is 3mm wide and is centred down the middle of the base. The wall is 15cm high and has apertures throughout so it does not naturally block line of sight. There is a single level 10cm high. The small side is 15cm wide and the long side is 20cm long. Played using the rules for Ruins from the rule book, as such if you are standing behind the ruin, not on the base, you will benefit from obscuring but if you go onto the base you will be able to see through the open windows on this feature.

Small L Shape

This terrain piece has a base size of 10 x 20 cm and two line of sight blocking wall faces also of 10cm x 20cm and 10cm x 10cm respectively. It has one level at 10cm. Played using the rules for Ruins from the rule book, therefore as these are not 5” high, they do not have the obscuring keyword.

Ruined Wall

This wall is an L shape with approximately 8cm x 8xm walls, no base and is 3 inches high. Played using the rules for Ruined walls from the rule book, as it is 3” high, it gains the Dense rules Please note that these ruined walls are often placed together to form staggered or ‘U’ shapes. Please make sure you place these correctly, as they have been positioned deliberately to provide the benefit of dense cover through specific firing positions.


  • Small L Shape (Green) – not obscuring/Ruins (+1 save)
  • Medium L Shape (Blue) – Obscuring/Ruins (+1 save)
  • Large L Sharp (Yellow) – Entire building obscures unless facing models in the open side (+1 save)
  • Ruined Wall (Orange) – Dense (-1 to hit)