Cadian Special Weapons, Vox & Medics Completed

Cadian Special Weapons, Vox & Medics Completed

Cadians completed, ready to join my ranks. Specials Weapons, Vox, Medics and Flags!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

14 Cadians are done!

  • 3 Regimental Standards
  • 2 Melta Guns
  • 2 Plasma Guns
  • 4 Vox Casters
  • 3 Medics

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The reasoning for this at the time was;

  • Three Regimental Standards is the most I can field.
  • The special weapons were just what I had built.
  • I have five Vox Casters already; doing four more means, I have six in total for Infantry Squads in a Battalion and another three for Command Squads.
  • Three Medics is the most I can field based on one being in each Command Squad and the Rule of Three, meaning I can only field three Command Squads.
  • I do already have one Medic, so my total is actually now four – but one is a very cool blood-bag metal Cadian.

Of course, all of this may not hold true soon, with a new Codex coming…

Quick Cadian Infantry Painting

These were done quickly to match the other Cadian Infantry models I did eight years ago. They did not get the love my other models get, like my Bullgryns. But they will serve their purpose on the tabletop.

My quick Cadian Infantry recipe goes like this;

  1. Prime Zandri Dust spray
  2. Castellan Green armour
  3. Steel Legion Drab on the base and rim
  4. Rhinox Hide the leather and belts
  5. Leadbelcher the metals
  6. Kislev Flesh on the skin
  7. Screaming Skull on the winged skulls
  8. Nuln Oil on the metals and winged skulls
  9. Reikland Fleshshade on the skin
  10. Agrax Earthshade all over the armour and clothes
  11. Dry brush lightly the clothes Zandri Dust
  12. Quick edge highlights with Loren Forest on the armour
  13. Agrellan Earth on the base, let it dry
  14. Seraphim Sepia wash on the base and let it dry
  15. Drybrush the base Zadri Dust
  16. Apply pigment to the base and legs to bring them together

Cadian Special Weapons Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

Cadian Special Weapons WIP Gallery

Too many WIP photos, as usual…