Bullgryns and Ogryns Completed

Bullgryns and Ogryns Completed

All my 'gryns are done!

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They are all done, I am looking forward to using these Bullgryns and Ogryns as they are so far from any other model/playstyle I have at the moment!

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Bullgryns & Ogryns Painting


The skin I was particularly pleased with so I thought I would share the process I used for others to try. It’s very simple. 

  1. Basecoat with thin layers of 50/50 mix Kislev Flesh and white. This took a while as I had primed them black. 
  2. Wash with Reikland Fleshshade and let it dry. 
  3. Wash it again in Reikland Fleshshade and let it dry. Now you can see the bumps clearly from the wash. 
  4. This final step is where it all comes together. Do a thin layer of Reikland Fleshshade on one area to get it wet. Then use a 75/25 mix of Kislev Flesh and white to highlight and glaze the raised areas of skin. Reapply the Fleshshade to the nooks and folds of skin and blend it into the wet Kislev Flesh mix – repeat until you’ve blended it all together. 
  5. If your raised areas are too light and low areas too dark try doing a thin Reikland Fleshshade wash over it all to tone it down and bring it all together. 

A note about steps 2 and 3, wash one area in one go with it all wet. Don’t do the lower arm and then the face and then the upper arm for example. You’ll get a tide mark of dryness between the lower and upper arm parts. Do it all together to keep it constant for that area. 

The trousers I used the same method on with Zandri Dust and Agrax Earthshade – and very little white. If any. 

Others Notes

I messed up the armour and made a mistake that I haven’t done for a long time. I washed all the green armour in Agrax Earthshade. This was fine on the Ogryn shoulder armour, which is small and has no large flat areas. 

But on the Bullgryns it just made the armour too dark and dirty. So I had to go over the flat areas again with Castellan Green before I edge highlighted with Loren Forest. 

The Ogryn Ripper Guns were very fun to do. Mephiston Red followed by Nuln Oil and an orange edge highlight. It pops just right. 

Bases are Agrellan Badlands and Agrellan Earth with a sepia wash, dry brushed Screaming Skull and then Vallejo pigments to blend in the legs. 

Oh finally, the power lights/nodes were done with Vallejo fluorescent paints.  

Bullgryns Completed Gallery

These were taken with my Samtian Lightbox.

Ogryns Completed Gallery

WIP Gallery

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