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I’ve updated my Patreon to be Pay Per Post, rather than a monthly cost. In the past, I saw my Patreon page as a way of supporting my various side projects – MathHammer, 40K Companion, etc. But that didn’t happen and my various projects have had varying degrees of success. And some of them I am limited in the time I can put into them.

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So now I have moved the Patreon to be Pay Per Post and just related to this blog and no other projects.

But I am struggling to come up with benefits and goals for my blog.

Have you any ideas? What do you want to see more of? Maybe I just do not have anything to offer of worth?

Patreon Ideas

Some ideas I have had…

  1. Paint models for Patreons
  2. Offer list and hobby help to Patreons
  3. Some form of exclusive content for Patreons
  4. Finally getting a logo sorted and giving away some gaming bits and pieces; dice, bags, rulers, etc
  5. Changing the name of the blog to something more Imperium generic (I am not sure where I stand legally with Cadian Shock) and doing #3 with that name, rather than Cadian Shock

Video Reports

I do not think I will ever do video Battle Reports. I do not have the time to edit the videos or the time to learn how to do that effectively. There are a lot of video reports online already – maybe too many. And the text format I can do and people seem to like those. I do get asked to do these from time to time so I thought I would cover that now.

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