MathHammer on iOS and Android - I did it!

MathHammer on iOS and Android – I did it!

I have finally made an app, and its for MathHammer on iOS and Android!

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Well, it has been a long time coming, but I have finally made my first app – MathHammer on iOS and Android! I have had requests to make the MathHammer 8th Edition site into an app since the day I first made the site.

But it was no small task and so it’s taken me some time to get into the right frame of mind to do this! But we are here now!

There is a full video walkthrough of the app at the bottom of this article.

MathHammer Google Play

MathHammer on iOS

What is MathHammer on iOS & Android?

This version of MathHammer works in a similar way to the web version. I started from nothing though – and as a result, all of the bugs from the web version are gone –  and I have added in a host of new features.

I have tried to cater to every aspect of Warhammer 40K game, for every faction.

MathHammer also runs analysis on all your profiles at the tap of a button. Perhaps you have 5 attack profiles and 5 defend profiles – MathHammer can tell you quickly which of your attacking profiles performs the best against each of the defender profiles.

It even has support for Kill Team!

Available inputs;

  • Shots
  • Ballistic Skill
  • Weapon Strength
  • Weapon AP
  • Weapon Damage
  • Target Toughness
  • Target Wounds
  • Target Armour Save
  • Target Invulnerable Save
  • Points for “Return on Investment”

Special abilities can also be taken into account to ensure your results are accurate;

  • Failed Wound and Hit re-rolls
  • Modified (positive and negative) Wound and Hit rolls
  • Mortal Wounds on a specific wound roll
  • Extra Damage on a Wound of 6+
  • Quantum Shielding
  • Serpent Shield
  • (More) Dakka Dakka
  • Haywire
  • Salamanders
  • Tesla style “Exploding Sixes”
  • “Feel No Pain” style saves
  • Save and Invulnerable Save re-rolls

You can toggle Kill Team output on and off. When switched on, your results will show you the percentage chance of a successful OOA Roll – if the enemy model was killed.

Finally, the MathHammer app will be around £2.99 – there will be no ads and no in-app purchases.

If this goes well I can see myself adding further games like;

  • Necromunda
  • War Cry
  • Age of Sigmar

Feedback and comments all welcome!

MathHammer Google Play

MathHammer on iOS

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