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Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron - Primaris PJ
Posted By Jake

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron – Primaris PJ

My first Blood Angel paint job! A gift for a friend's 40th Birthday!

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Today I have something different for you; I have painted Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron for a friend’s 40th Birthday as a surprise. I hope he likes it!

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Big thanks to @docandy40k for their tutorial on painting Blood Angels armour. This popped up on my feed the day I ordered this model – what are the chances! I have not done as many highlights as @docandy40k – but the general approach is similar.

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron - Primaris PJ

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron – Primaris PJ

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron

I really wanted to make this special, so I set out from the start to do a few things;

  1. Paint in all sub-assemblies to make my life easier and to maximise my ability to paint details.
  2. Use the mini-compressor airbrush as much as possible for a smooth finish – especially for the red.
  3. I bought a plinth for the first time to attach the finished model to using magnets – so it is still playable.
  4. Paint the plinth in stone grey with customised stencils
  5. Varnish the model in Testors Dull Coat at the end

I had ordered the model from Element Games on Monday, April 26th, and I had to have it done by about May 7th! That is less than two weeks, so I was up against it a bit! I am not a fast painter and rarely get a chance to sit down for hours and paint, so this was going to be a push!

I hope you like it! And I will be back to Guard models now – do not worry, Comrades! Tempestus Scions, I think…

Blood Angels Armour

I used my Mini Airbrush Compressor for the Blood Angels Armour, along with these Games Workshop paints;

Blood Angels Armour

Blood Angels Armour

And the process was as follows;

  1. Base in Mephiston Red.
  2. Evil Sunz Scarlet from the top to give a hint of a brighter red.
  3. Evil Sunz Scarlet mixed with Fire Dragon Bright, again from the top to give an even brighter red.
  4. Repeat step 3, but with more Fire Dragon Bright.
  5. Mephiston Red with a little Abaddon Black from the bottom to create the shadows – do not use too much black. It starts to turn the Mephiston Red into a dark purple!
  6. The wash stage – @docandy40k uses Agrax Earthshade, but I used a dark brown oil pin wash instead.
  7. Once the oil was dry, I used Evil Sunz Scarlet and Fire Dragon Bright to highlight the edges of the armour.
  8. Done!

Full photos of various stages of this process are in the WIP gallery below.

Blood Angels Armour Video

This is a quick video that shows the brighter and darker areas of armour I achieved.


Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Completed Gallery

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Completed Video

Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant WIP Gallery

I once again bring you a lengthy and complete WIP gallery! Enjoy the progression people…

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