Banesword, Doomhammer and Banehammer Upgrade

Banesword, Doomhammer and Banehammer Upgrade

Today I added some new variants to my super heavy...

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My Baneblade that was also a Stormlord, a Shadowsword and a Hellhammer can now also be a Banesword, a Doomhammer and a Banehammer! And it is getting an outing onto the battlefield tonight against the Death Guard. Keep an eye on my Instagram for pics!

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Banesword, Doomhammer and Banehammer Upgrade

With the spares from the Desert Baneblade Commission, I was able to piece together the three remaining barrels for my super heavy.

When I first built my Baneblade, many moons ago, I glued the barrel for the Shadowsword – therefore removing my ability to make three other variants of the super heavy.

But now I have the parts to build those barrels and make every version of the Baneblade chassis!

Astra Militarum List

Tonight I am not taking the Banesword, but the Doomhammer.

This is the list I am taking in tonight’s game against Death Guard. They will all use the following Regiment Doctrines; Jury-Rigged Repairs and Gunnery Experts.

  • Company Commander with Kurov’s Aquila – Warlord
  • Company Commander
  • An Executioner Tank Commander with Plasma Sponsons and Lascannon
  • A Basilisk with Full Payload Tank Ace
  • 2x Cyclops Demolition Vehicles
  • 3x Infantry Squads
  • A Tech-Priest
  • An Astropath with Nightshroud
  • 2x Plasma Gun Command Squad
  • A Veteran Squad with three Melta Guns
  • A Doomhammer with Lascannon/Twin Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Steadfast Leviathan Tank Ace in a Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment

The Steadfast Leviathan Tank Ace allows the unit in a Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment to take a Regimental Doctrine.


Tonight's list, including the Doomhammer

Tonight’s list, including the Doomhammer