Bane Wolf Completed

Bane Wolf Completed

My first Cadian Camo'd Bane Wolf/Hellhound is done! What a joy!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

My first Bane Wolf is now completed. I have more plans for this vehicle, however – I have a third party turret on the way from a company in the USA that will allow me to make this Bane Wolf into any Hellhound variant. It won’t be for a few weeks I am sure, but expect to see this tank chassis again soon. I have done Hellhounds before, for my Catachans.

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Bane Wolf

Painting Techniques

I often get asked for my recipes on things, so here you are…

Cadian Camo

I used my usual Cadian Camo scheme for this;

  1. Prime Black or just go straight to…
  2. Zandri Dust from a spray can
  3. Apply masking tape
  4. Airbrush Castellan Green
  5. Touch up with a brush
  6. Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  7. Dry brush using Terminus Stone

Muzzle Heat Burn

These are all washes, built up over a silver base coast;

Bane Wolf Completed Gallery

This is just a straight-up BaneWolf turret on an old Hellhound chassis, the tanks are metal as is the hatch they are on.

WIP Gallery

For those interested in seeing how this came together, here is the full WIP gallery…