Astra Militarum ITC List -  2,000 points
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Astra Militarum ITC List – 2,000 points

This is my first ITC event ever and this is my Astra Militarum ITC List... wish me luck - gonna need it!

Approximate Reading Time: 6 minutes

So I am attending the 2,000 points ITC event at Sanctuary Gaming Centre on February 15th, this is my first ITC event and my first Astra Militarum ITC List. This article is scheduled to be posted the day of the event – so as this is posted I’ll be packing models and travelling to said event. Emperor Save Me!

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Astra Militarum ITC List

Here it is. This is now submitted and I do not plan on making any changes. I have a practice game with this list next week against John’s Eldar. I have asked him to bring his most badass list.

Cadian Battalion Detachment – 5CP

  • Company Commander Warlord with Bolt Pistol, Grand Strategist Trait – HQ
  • Yarrick – HQ
  • 3x Infantry Squads – Troops
  • Melta Command Squad – Elites
  • Platoon Commander with Plasma Pistol, Power Sword and Dagger of Tu’Sakh
Yarrick - Astra Militarum ITC List

Yarrick – Astra Militarum ITC List

Catachan Battalion Detachment – 5CP

  • A Primaris Psykers with Nightshroud and Psychic Maelstrom – HQ
  • A Primaris Psyker with Psychic Barrier and Psychic Maelstrom – HQ
  • A Company Commander with Bolt Pistol – HQ
  • 3x Infantry Squads – Troops
  • 5x Ratlings – Elites
  • 5x Ratlings – Elites
  • 3x Hellhounds – Fast Attack
Hellhounds - Astra Militarum ITC List

Hellhounds – Astra Militarum ITC List

Cadian Supreme Command Detachment – 1CP

This uses the Emperor’s First Detachment from Vigilus Defiant.

  • A Tank Commander with Hammer of Sunderance and a Lascannon
  • 2x Tank Commanders with Battle Cannon, Plasma Cannons and Lascannon – HQ
  • Baneblade with Baneblade Cannon, a Hull Twin Heavy Bolter, an Autocannon and 2x Lascannon/Twin Heavy Bolter Sponsons – Lord of War
Cadian Leman Russ - Astra Militarum ITC List

Cadian Leman Russ – Astra Militarum ITC List

This gives me a total of 12CP to start the game.

5 + 5 + 3 + 1 – 1 – 1

I will try and post some updates on the day (Feb 15th) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stay tuned!

Baneblade Work in Progress

The Baneblade is still being painted and finished off, here are some work in progress photos. Be sure to subscribe to see the finished beast! Oh, it can also be a Stormlord and a few other variants of Super Heavy…

Astra Militarum ITC List Summary


I have a Company Commander for my Cadians and one for my Catachans. Two orders a piece and one can get an extra one for a CP using Inspired Tactics. My Warlord is the Cadian Company Commande and has Grand Strategist – no relic.

I also took Yarrick, his sole purpose is to dish out re-rolls of one to hit for all my armour. Note that this is all hit rolls, including melee attacks.

The re-roll of ones for my shooting also means I can move and not forgo my Cadian benefit of re-rolling ones. This movement might be key to peeking around terrain to take out targets that may have been safe – had my armour stayed still.

The Primaris Psykers I had originally been three Astropaths because they are much cheaper. But I have not had the chance to complete the models and the submission deadline for the event is approaching. But I have two Primaris Psykers which gives me access to Nightshroud and Psychic Barrier. These will, of course, be used on the Baneblade. Both also know Psychic Maelstrom – this can go off very well and is much better than Smite as it does not need to target the nearest unit…

Tank Commander HQs

I have taken the Emperor’s Fist Specialist Detachment to gain access to the Hammer of Sunderance and the Unyielding Advance Stratagem. The latter is 1CP and allows a Leman Russ to move its full distance and still shoot its main turret weapon twice. With Yarrick following the Hammer of Sunderance Tank Commander I can move 10″, order to re-roll the number of shots with Pound them to Dust, shoot twice, use Overlapping Fields of Fire to hit on 2+ and re-rolls 1s to hit – because of Yarrick. It costs 4CP and seems unlikely to happen. But it might be handy to nip 10″, see around a corner and pop an enemy vehicle.

Or not, we will see.

Super Heavy

The Baneblade! This will be either be dead in turn one or it will be nearly dead. I am hoping that target prioritisation will be a struggle for my opponents. Go for the Baneblade and you have three Tank Commanders coming at you with some powerful anti-infantry on the Hellhounds. And if you go for the anti-infantry then you’ll have a lot of firepower to face.

Also, the Baneblade with the Crush ‘Em Stratagem will be hitting on 2+ and re-rolling ones – from Yarrick. That’s 9 Attacks at Strength 9, AP-2 and D3 Damage – that right there is a dead enemy unit.


I’m taking 60 Guardsmen in this list. 30 Cadians and 30 Catachans. I’m hoping this will be enough bodies to last the game and stay on objectives. Taking more infantry will take points away from my armour and I need the armour. These guys are here to take objectives, screen and die.

They are there to get Move, Move, Move and FRFSRF – they can try and mop up infantry and gain board control.


I have my only Deep Striking units in my Elites. The Platoon Commander with Dagger of Tu’Sakh and the Melta Command Squad will come in together. I have taken out a Contemptor Dreadnought by doing this – so there is the potential for greatness here.

The Ratlings I added in after I removed three Astropaths. These little guys can deploy 9″  away from the enemy Deployment Zone and 9″ away from enemy models – after everything else is deployed. They can hide really well as they are so small and can just be annoying. They can deny Deep Strikers – if they live. But they can take indirect fire away from my Guardsmen. Throwing a whole turn of shooting away to take out five Ratlings is a lot. That is the plan anyway.

Fast Attack

Three Catachan Hellhounds will serve as my anti-infantry and also attempt to take out enemy Flyers with their auto-hitting shots. The re-roll from the Catachan doctrine will be really handy here too.

Astra Militarum ITC List – Final Word

This was a really hard list to put together because I haven’t played any ITC games at all. I had the mission info of course but that’s nothing compared to actual experience. I am excited and anxious in equal measures…

The Emperor Protects.