40K Companion Example - A Warhammer 40K Phase-By-Phase Helper
40K Companion

40K Companion Example – A Warhammer 40K Phase-By-Phase Helper

A small update for 40K Companion!

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Update, the 40K Companion web site and the output it produces has changed significantly since this post.

It’s been some time since I got anything significant done on 40K Companion. Christmas, New Year and work has got in the way. But I’ve recently got a little time in on it and made some fairly useful changes. And now I have a 40K Companion Example for you!

If you are new to this 40K Companion thing, then this blog article may help before you view the 40K Companion Example.

The first is that I can now make select Checklists public to better showcase and demonstrate the web application. Public Checklists for all users is not something that will happen as I don’t want to be spreading rules and points costs across the internet. But certain Checklists that are meant for sharing with no rules are OK I felt. You can view the example here.

The second is the ability for users to edit or replace the help text that 40K Companion generates you. So if you don’t like the help from the application or your specific army’s rules are missing in 40K Companion – you can just write your own now! No need to wait on me writing them! You can also easily copy the text from the 40K Companion or the original rule from BattleScribe into the text input area. You can edit it as you see fit.

Custom Help - 40K Companion Example

Custom Help – 40K Companion Example

And finally users can customise the rules and help text that appear for all their Checklists. So if you don’t want the rules from BattleScribe shown on your Checklists then you can hide them all with one click. Or you can simply hide all rules and help text which will then only display the rule name and the effected units per phase. Handy if you know your rules really well.

And that’s that. I hope I can keep adding features more quickly in February and bring more users on as Alpha Testers. But eventually I’ll be opening the site for everyone once it’s polished enough.