300th Article - Warhammer 40K Blog

300th Article – Warhammer 40K Blog

Wow, 300th article!

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This is my 300th post. I’ll take a look at my progress recently and also attempt to write a 300 model Infantry list – and work towards that list. The featured image on this post is from post 200 (ish) – back in Feb 2018.

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This was a game against Chris Genestealer Cult at BASH. It’s nice to see the progress I’ve made since then in terms of my army and painting.

Part of the Anti-Genestealer Cult List

Image from post 200

Recently I have been completing more models than ever before. And it feels great!

The Guardsmen I’ve based a little better by adding a brown to the base rim. I always do that now. And the Chimeras in this battle have all had pigments added.

Chimeras with pigment

The Chimeras with Pigment

Cadian Shock in 2019

At the end of 2018, I did a year in review article. It was fun to write and good to look back at the year. It was hard to write though. Simply because I needed to dredge through all my old articles to find the battles I had played and models I had completed.

But with 2019 I have the draft of that article already in progress. When I fight a battle I note it in the draft. And when I complete a model I note it in the draft.

This is really great to do. It’s basically like keeping a quick journal. I do try and write an article about each model I complete but this quick overview is really motivational.

I would highly recommend doing something similar if you’re a blogger. And if you’re not then crank open Google Docs and start noting down your games:

  • Points
  • Enemy
  • Win or loss or draw

And also, for your completed models add an image. It really helps to focus your mind I find.

As it grows you’ll feel immensely proud!

Models done in 2019 so far

Models completed in 2019 so far – Screenshot from the draft article

Painting Comparison

This is fun, 2016 vs 2019.

300 Infantry List

This was a suggestion on Facebook and it had already crossed my mind too. I started out with three Battalions but the points skyrocket. It’s over 3,000 points because of the need for Heavy Support, Elites, etc.

I wanted the list to be something I could actually achieve rather than just take the cheapest of each slot.

Maybe I could achieve this 300 list, completed and painted by my 400th article?


So I went for Battalions, three, with 2,000 points in mind. This is a level of the game I can play and it feels like this might be achievable over the next year. The hardest part will be simply painting that many infantry models without being drawn into painting other models – like Vehicles.

I’m sticking to three detachments.

Cadian Battalion

  • Creed
  • Psyker
  • 60 Troops
  • Crusaders
  • Priest
  • Tech-Priest
  • Heavy Weapons Squad with Autocannons

Why a Tech-Priest when I have no vehicles? Because he’s infantry and painted!

Catachan Battalion

  • 3x Company Commanders
  • 60 Troops
  • 10 Ratlings
  • 20 Veterans

Why Veterans? Well, I have more painted Catachan than I can fit into a Battalion’s Troop selection. The limit is six. Therefore I’ll use them as Veterans.

Valhallan Battalion

  • Yarrick
  • 2x Company Commanders
  • 60 Troops

The more eagle-eyed of you will notice that this isn’t 300 models and isn’t 2,000 points. It’s about 1,650 points and is 225 Infantry models.

the above is all the infantry I have painted or the infantry I plan to paint to start to fulfil my three Brigades – more on this below.

I have 350 points left and 75 models to go.

Ideas please!

The models I own which are not painted that could add to this endeavour are;

  • Nine Bullgryns
  • Numerous Cadians – could be used as Veterans
  • A Tech-Priest
  • A Priest
  • Kell
  • 15 Wyrdvane Psykers
  • A Primaris Psyker
  • An Astropath
  • A Master of Ordnance
  • An Officer of the Fleet

I’m going to have to go over 2,000 points though. 75 models with 350 points is only 4.66 points a model. Guardsmen are 4 points so I’m definitely going to need to break the 2,000 points mark and add another detachment – or use Veterans.

Maybe Conscripts are the answer… Perhaps I will come back to this, 300 infantry model list using Conscripts…

Three Brigades – WIP

I am currently working towards 3 Brigades. I decided to track my progress using a Google Sheet. You can view it here. Feel free to copy and re-use it!

From it, I can easily track my progress by unit type, regiment and also track my progress over time.

The progress over time is growing which is nice. But with so many models to do, each model is worth about 0.3% of progress! So finishing the Tech-Priest the other day was nice and he looked good. But it is depressing to see the line move so little after such effort. But it moved, that is the main thing.

Progress by type and regiment

Progress by type and regiment

Progress over time

Progress over time