2020 Hobby Goals

2020 Hobby Goals

With 2019 out of the way, let me set my sights on 2020...

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I’ve done hobby goals before and failed – my 2020 Hobby Goals are realistic, which helps a lot, so I hope they won’t be a failure. In 2019 I painted about 2,500 points over 84 models.

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A Favourite of mine from 2019 - 2020 Hobby Goals

A Favourite of mine from 2019

2020 Hobby Goals

  • Complete my currently half done, three-year-old Baneblade – this has already begun
  • Complete a Cadian Brigade
  • Complete a Valhallan Brigade
  • Complete my Knight
  • Complete my three Armigers – including the kitbashed Helverin
  • Complete my Gorgon – yup I got one
  • Complete the Thudd Gun I got from my Secret Santa!
  • Complete a second Baneblade as either Valhallan or Catachan
  • Be well on my way to having a Steel Legion Brigade
  • Complete nine Bullgryns
  • Compete in my first ITC event in Feb 2020
  • Get over 300,000 page views on my Cadian Shock Blog
  • Post something on Reddit that gets over 1,000 upvotes – 806 is my best to date
  • Be able to field three Brigades at the same time using only the correct regions to keywords

You can view some of my progress, on the Brigades, in this Google Sheet.

My Catachan Brigade is done, hence why it’s not on this list.

I think there is a lot there, but I do have a whole year to get it done! It equates to about…

  • 100 Infantry models
  • A Knight
  • 3 Armigers
  • 9 Sentinels or so
  • 2 Super Heavies
  • 9 Bullgryns
  • 4 Leman Russ
  • 3 Sabre Platforms
  • A Thudd Gun – I am thinking Cadian

132 Models!

So yeah, a busy year. I dare say that something may get pushed to the back to make way for some other new toy.

2020 Gallery… So Far…

Three Brigades

The last item, of being able to field three Brigades is there because you can get a lot overlap in the Elite section for none regiment specific units. For example; Priests, Psykers, Tech-Priests, Ratlings, etc.

These are an easy option for the Elite choice because they can be used across any of my regiments. I’d like to be able to discard these generic Astra Militarum units for my Brigades and only use Regiment based Elite choices. Not for any other reason other than my own insane reasons for Cadian means Cadian.

This limits me to the following Regiment based Elite choices;

  • Master of Ordnance
  • Command Squads
  • Platoon Commanders
  • Special Weapon Squads
  • Veterans
  • Atlas Recovery Tank
  • Salamander Command Vehicle

Did I miss any?

I would love an Atlas Recovery Tank and I have a Hydra kit to convert into a Salamander Command Vehicle – so that will fill some of the slots. I have a Master of Ordnance model too.

The rest I guess will be done with regular Command and Special Weapons Squads. Platoon Commanders are handy too. Although the idea of painting more and more infantry to compliment loads of infantry feels a little depressing!

I am still unsure about Veterans. I like the idea of them and I would like to convert some models to make three squads of Veterans. But they are just too pricey when it comes to points. But that should not be a reason not to take them. 30 Cadian Veterans with some kitbashing and converting, three Snipers per squad and a Lascannon would look superb…

2020 Hobby Goals Summary

So that is it. There is a lot to get through but I feel confident about getting through this load of models. Slow and steady wins the race…