15 Command Points at 1,500 Points
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15 Command Points at 1,500 Points

Maxing out Command Points! Lets get to 15 Command Points...

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s been a while since my last game because I’ve moved house! So now I have a new war room/dining room! Yay! Also, some changes to the core rules mean the Astra Militarum can easily get to 15 Command Points. A slight improvement on the old detachment which got you 12 Command Points.

My first game was against my long-standing Eldar nemesis, Greg. But now I have some extras for this game. Custodians!

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This isn’t a maxed out list to take of any list in a tournament. I could never write such a list. It’s just a list.

The new gaming/dining room - perfect for all 15 command points

The new gaming/dining room

15 Command Points at 1,500 Points List

  • Shield Captain
  • 3 Custodian Guard
  • Vexillus Praetor
  • 2x Company Commanders
  • Primaris Psyker
  • 2x Infantry Squads in Chimeras
  • 3x Infantry Squads with Plasma Gun
  • 2x Platoon Commanders
  • Rough Riders
  • 2x Scout Sentinels with Multilasers
  • 2x Wyverns
  • Heavy Weapons Squad with Autocannons
  • Leman Russ Battle Cannon

That is 1,500 points on the nose. Perfect.

15 Command Points Ready to Go!

15 Command Points Ready to Go!

My Thinking

I’ve tried to get a bit of everything in there. My usual Bullgryns have gone, for now, and been replaced with Custodians. A 5+ Invulnerable Save for my Infantry Squads is going to be pretty handy and make them stick around for a lot longer than Guardsmen should survive for.

I think I’m lacking D6 Damage output. But it’s never been of much use against the Eldar as the Wave Serpents have those damn shields that reduce Damage. I hate them!

My Fast Attack choices were cheap; Rough Riders and Scout Sentinels. But they can still be helpful. Run interference, grab Objectives and generally get in the way.

My Warlord is a Company Commander with the Grand Strategist Warlord Trait plus Kurov’s Aquila. Regeneration of 15 Command Points, yes, please! The other has The Laurels of Command for some doubling up of orders on a 4+. 3 Autocannon shots with +1 to wound, re-rolling misses, yes please again!

The Chimeras with their squads and a Platoon Commander each can race to the middle and wait. The Custodians can then move up with their Infantry blob and hold the middle. Should be fun!

Anyway, this was the battlefield from the game, I hope to write it up soon!


The Battlefield

The Battlefield