Zagstruk Ork Warboss, Secret Santa – Update #3

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Zagstruk Right Arm

Zagstruk Right Arm

This has been a really long time coming, the last post on this subject was November 21st 2014! ResinJunkie’s model for me is not yet finished, but I have a feeling that is further along than mine, he just hasn’t blogged about it, yet.

This evening I concentrated on Zagstruk’s right hand and sword. The model is so complex with wires, bags, straps, buttons and icons that it was hard to say to myself “All these things will be red these will be blue and those red”. Every time I made a decision it was undone somewhere else by a new piece of detail. It was also at this point I said to myself “Yes, this is why I don’t collect Orks”!

So I decided to stick to one limb and get that right rather than trying to do all of one colour at the same time in all places of the model. That approach is do-able on Cadians and Imperial Guard models as they are uniform and simpler. But with Zagstruk its next to impossible as its so complex.

Zagstruk Orange Colours

Orange Ride Colours

Orange Ride Colours

I started with the flesh using Jokaero Orange as a base layer, this was followed by a wash of Fuegan Orange. After the wash dried I then did some more of the Jokaero Orange to begin the highlighting process. I will then finish off the highlights with Fire Dragon Bright. I haven’t done the Fire Dragon bright stage yet on the hand, and the hand is the only piece of flesh thats had the Jokaero Orange reapplied – which is why the other flesh looks so poor still.

The metal is Leadbelcher with a Nuln Oil wash, followed by more Leadbelcher then a Runefang Steel highlight. The green wire is, er, green, I didn’t even look at what green – I just went for the brightest green I had. Turns out its Skarsnik Green. The reds are Evil Sunz Scarlet. Finally the nails are Screaming Skull with an Agrax Earthshade wash, followed by more Screaming Skull to highlight.

I think that about rounds this update off, any suggestions or tips, drop me a comment please!