YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

A little about my YouTube Channel, I want some ideas....

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So I started a Cadian Shock YouTube Channel for those of you that have not noticed yet. There are a few videos on there at present and I am still finding my feet.

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I wanted to ask you guys…

What would you like to see me post on YouTube – if anything?

Battle Reports are very unlikely as the place I usually play (Boards and Swords) is not quiet, I could film at home as I have the terrain but its a lot of editing and sorting out to get a video Battle Report done. It might also detract from the game and my enjoyment if I am worried about filming everything?

But I am all ears for ideas on what to post on YouTube and how I might do battles if they were to go on YouTube.

Malcador Defender

Here is a photo of a Malcador Defender to cheer you up