Ynnari vs Astra Militarum
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Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Little write up today of Ynnari vs Astra Militarum at 1,750 points!

Approximate Reading Time: 15 minutes

Rematch! Got to be the best battles right? After the Eldar took a hammering last game in my Eldar vs Astra Militarum Battle Report it was time for these forces to come together again. But with 1,750 points this time – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum.

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This time I didn’t have a wingman on my team. So this time it was one mind vs one mind. A fair matchup in case you thought otherwise. Or was it, read on…

Table Centre - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Table Centre – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Above is the table centre, with objective 1, lots of action around here with the Bullgryns! The Alter, Bunker and Building in the bottom right are all from The Wargaming Shop. Awesome terrain, full review and details coming soon!

Astra Militarum List

I had the same force as last time but just added on models:

  • 2x Primaris Psykers
  • Eversor Assassin
  • Callidus Assassin
  • Vindicare Assassin

Simple! I figured the last list did so well that I shouldn’t change it. So I knew it in my mind, sticking with it meant I could capitalise on that knowledge.

I think I was four points short of the 1,750 point limit. I had a Battalion detachment with 6 CP.

A quick note on the photos. I forget my Chimeras and Wyverns. Moving house isn’t helping my hobby organisation. So the two Leman Russ close together with no turrets are,¬†in fact¬† Wyverns. And any Leman Russ you see with a Guardsmen on top is a Chimera. Oh and. Hellhound is also a Chimera.

Ynnari 1,750 point list

Greg, my Eldar enemy, was mixing it up this time with some Harlequins and Eldar. This is a Vanguard detachment with 4 CP.

  • Farseer (in Wave Serpent)
  • 3x units of five¬†Fire Dragons (in Wave Serpents)
  • 2x units of five¬†Warp Spiders
  • A unit of 3 Dark Reapers
  • 2x¬†Wraithlord with 2x Flamers, 2x Scatter Laser and¬†Ghostglaive
  • 2x Wave Serpents with¬†Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Star Engines, Twin Bright Lance, Vectored Engines
  • A Razorwing Jet
  • Troupe Master (in¬†Starweaver)
  • Troupe with five Players with Fusion Pistols and¬†Harlequin’s Caress (in¬†Starweaver)
  • Starweaver

15 Fire Dragons in there! I guess he was sick of my Wyverns…

The Game –¬†Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

We rolled and played the Dominate and Destroy Mission from Chapter Approved. Wow, what a mission!

We had six objectives as normal but you scored a VP for:

  • Destroying an enemy unit
  • Holding an objective at the end of your turn

That second point was a big deal. You scored a VP at the end of your turn for each objective you held. The potential to stack up on VPs was massive. No rush to grab them at the end, it was going to be a high scoring game and every objective mattered during every turn of the whole game. How refreshing!

Plus Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Linebreaker.

I placed the last objective and chose the deployment zone that had us deploy on the short edges of the battlefield. I had two objectives in my deployment zone and two close by.

THe Ynnari won the roll off and I failed to seize.


The Ynnari set up the Wraithlorsds on my left flank with five Warp Spiders. The Wave Serpents containing the Farseer and 15 Fire Dragons were all on my right flank with five other Warp Spiders who were on an objective. The Harlequins were in the centre.

Wyverns were parked up out of sight in a corner on my left flank. All Assassins were in reserve.

The Taurox went on my right flank on an objective. A Chimera of Guardsmen and a Pysker went on the left flank ready to dart forward onto an objective. The Bullgryn Chimera went to the table centre with the Company Commander’s Chimera and Leman Russ close by.

I was heavily invested in the table centre.

Ynnari – Turn One

The Ynnari move up the battlefield, spied my Wyverns and sent the Razorwing right on top of them. One of them was down to two wounds on turn one.

The Razorwing gets in and attacks a

The Razorwing gets in and attacks a “Wyvern” (Leman Russ with no turret) – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Taurox took a battering from the Dark Lances on the Wave Serpents and it went pop. Killing one of its occupants. This did not feel great.

Guardsmen minus their Taurox - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Guardsmen minus their Taurox – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Starweaver made for the table centre and stopped atop an objective. It pays to be on objectives at the end of your turn so the Starweaver’s movement was ideal for this.

The Chimera on my left flank took a wound or two from the Wraithlords. I’d lost First Blood the Ynnari when the Taurox was destroyed.

It was at this point we realised this would be a high scoring game. The Ynnari has netted a VP for First Blood and then 3 more VPs for holding three objectives at the end of their turn.

Astra Militarum – Turn One

The occupants of the Taurox consolidated into the ruins to hunker down on their objective. The Chimera on the left flank went forward and onto an objective. Staring down a Wraithlord. The Tank Commander Russ moved about a little for the line of sight and the other Battle Cannon Russ stayed still. The Bullgryns piled out their 3″. Then along with the Bodyguard, Commissar and Priest moved forward 6″ and right on top of the Starweaver. All the Assassins came on. Vindicare into my deployment zone and on an objective. Handy. The Callidus and Eversor came on behind the Warp Spiders inside the Ynnari deployment zone who were on an objective.

Let the slaughter begin. The Eversor and Callidus shot then charged the Warp Spiders. None survived. And I gained an objective inside the Ynnari deployment zone.

The Callidus and Eversor take their objective - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Callidus and Eversor take their objective – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

I had a fully operational Wyvern and one hitting on 6+. I went for the remaining Warp Spiders who were on an objective. Other shooting was less effective with the Punisher Tank Commander doing a wound or two on a Wave Serpent.

The Bullgryns, Priest, Lord Commissar and Ogryn Bodyguard all charged the Starweaver. It died with ease and the Players plus Troupe Master inside disembarked and into combat with my Bullgryns – ready for the Ynnari’s next turn.

Bullgryn Smash! Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Bullgryn Smash! Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

With no Character to blow the head off of, the Vindicare settled for a Dark Reaper’s head. It was one model. Seems overkill now but they were a long way away and were a threat. The Battle Cannon Leman Russ killed the rest. Overkill!

I cast Nightshroud on the Bullgryns. Very handy.

I’d managed to destroy two enemy units and secure four objectives this turn.

Ynnari – Turn Two

With the Warp Spiders and Starweaver destroyed, the Ynnari wanted to hit back hard.

The remaining Warp Spiders clung to an object. A Wraithlord made for my left flank and the other started to move back and towards my two Assassins. Presumably to reclaim that objective.

Five Fire Dragons disembarked with the Warlord Farseer. The Ynnari now has a pysker on the table. Dark Lances and some Eldar Catapults shredded the Chimera (it’s a Hellhound in the photos) which the Bullgryns came from. This death enabled the Fire Dragons to do a free move. Which got them very close to my Battle Cannon Leman Russ. It too went the way of Cadia. Smashed.


Fire Dragons attack the Bullgryn Chimera (Hellhound) - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Fire Dragons attack the Bullgryn Chimera (Hellhound) – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Guardsmen from the Taurox we’re now in cover on an objective and took fire from a Wave Serpent. Gradually reducing their numbers. The Jet also joined this corner of the table and took the Tank Commander down to 7 Wounds.

The Bullgryns began to batter the Harlequins after the Wraithlord charged the Chimera and I used 2CP to interrupt and hit with my Bullgryns. One Player and the Troupe Master survived.

Ynaari close in - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Ynaari close in – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Astra Militarum – Turn Two

I’ve now got five Fire Dragons right near me, two Wave Serpents – one with another ten Fire Dragons in – and a Jet. Plus a Wraithlord coming at me on the left flank. The centre of the table was looking good though with it swarmed in Bullgryns.

The Chimera in combat with the Wraithlord disembarked it’s Guardsmen then reversed away. This gave me an objective as Guardsmen now swamped the Wraithlord. They charged the Wraithlord and maybe did a wound. But more importantly, they encircled this sucker!

Encircled Wraithlord - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Encircled Wraithlord – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The five Fire Dragons that had popped my Chimera were swiftly deleted by Wyvern fire. I used the Stratagem to re-roll all failed hits here. I needed them gone. Overkill!

The Tank Commander shot it’s Punisher twice at the nearest Wave Serpent. It’s Cadian so I was re-rolling ones. I used Overlapping Fields of Fire to get him to BS2+. Something had wounded the Wave Serpent already – maybe a Chimera. I got 40 hits with 40 shots! And then that resulted in three wounds. Three wounds! Bad target selection.

The Vindicare stripped three wounds from the Farseer. Blam!

The Bullgryns finished off the Harlequins and consolidated towards the Farseer.

The Eversor and Callidus shot the Wraithlord coming at them and did some wounds. Maybe four or five. The Eversor failed his charge but it cost him four wounds. The Callidus with its Mortal Wounds Gun is awesome.

My two Primaris Psykers were now out of their Chimeras and surveying the battlefield. During the game, they cast smite mainly at the Wraithlord on my left flank. This was fairly meh. They either failed or the Farseer denied.

Ynnari- Turn Three

The points were coming thick and fast now for both sides. The Astra Militarum had taken the lead on points thanks to taking the objective in the Ynnari’s backfield and killing multiple units. They’d also manage to secure the middle ground of the battlefield with Guardsmen and Bullgryns. The numerous models fielded by the Guard against the Elites of the Ynnari was paying off.

Ten Fire Dragons disembarked from their Wave Serpent and made for my Tank Commander Leman Russ and Chimera containing Guardsmen and my Warlord. Both went boom. The Leman Russ got an Explodes result which put Mortal Wounds onto the Guardsmen from the Taurox and the Wave Serpent.

All the Fire Dragons - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

All the Fire Dragons – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Wave Serpents, now with no occupants, were free to roam around and attempt to pick off my vehicles.

The Jet pivoted and rushed down the whole table to where the assassins were. Taking the Callidus down to two wounds. But could not contest the objective.

The Wraithlord shot and then charged the Eversor. Who exploded and took the Wraithlord down to four wounds.

The combat between the Wraithlord and the Guardsmen continued. The monster was only able to kill one or two Guardsmen per fight phase. Meanwhile, he stood up well the slashing bayonets.

Astra Militarum vehicles were now going bang and the Assassins were taking a hammering. Plus the Warlord was now out and exposed. But surrounded by Guardsmen.

The Ynnari were picking up a few VPs by killing Astra Militarum units but were failing to take objectives still.

Warlord and Guardsmen now out of their Chimera - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Warlord and Guardsmen now out of their Chimera – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Astra Militarum – Turn Three

The movement was minimal now from the Guard. Guardsmen held objectives and everything else was in a good shooting position.

The Callidus got the Wraithlord approaching her down to a single wound. That weapon of hers is so good.

Callidus Vs Wraithlord - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Callidus Vs Wraithlord – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Wyvern with full wounds wiped one squad of Fire Dragons off the board. And the other squad was destroyed by the Guardsmen surrounding the Company Commander. Fire Dragons are 120 points for a five-man squad. One squad was killed by a 103 point Wyvern and the other by a 40 point Guardsmen squad. That’s some good target selection!

The Wraithlord on the left flank was still locked in combat. That’s a 160 point Wraithlord locked in combat for multiple turns by 40 points of Guardsmen. Despite the loss of vehicles, it is moments like this that mean a battle could be actually going well.

The Vindicare hit a Wraithlord and rolled a six to wound for D6 wounds. One. Curse the Emperor!

Vindicare View - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Vindicare View – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Again objectives were held and multiple Ynnari units fell for another flurry of VPs.

Ynnari – Turn Four

The Astra Militarum were still ahead on VPs but the Ynnari fought on. The final Chimera went this turn as the Wave Serpents weaved their way in and out of my forces.

The Guardsmen from the Taurox finally died and allowed a Wave Serpent to steal their objective.

A Wave Serpent secures an objective - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

A Wave Serpent secures an objective – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Ynnari were pushing back and mopping up the forces that had been holding objectives all game. As well as finishing off my vehicles with ease.

The Wyvern with two wounds was now gone after a Wave Serpent leapt atop their cover and shot down into it.

One Wyvern remains (Leman Russ with no turret) - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

One Wyvern remains (Leman Russ with no turret) – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Astra Militarum- Turn Four

The Priest and Bullgryns did move off their objective towards the Farseer. Leaving the Lord Commissar and Bodyguard on the objective. The Bullgryns throw a single Frag Bomb at the Farseer in the shooting phase. Before their inevitable charge. In a hail of shrapnel the Farseer fell! Warlord kill!

The Wraithlord that had been locked up was now retreating allowing shots to go into the surrounding Guardsmen.

Guardsmen looking on as at the Wraithlord that retreated - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Guardsmen looking on as at the Wraithlord that retreated – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

Turn Five

Things are hazy now regarding the events. So I will lump the last turn into one section, rather than one per side. My Warlord bit the dust because the Wraithlord was able to kill the surrounding Guardsmen which allowed other units to then target and finish off the Warlord.

The Wraithlord finishes off my Warlord and a Guardsmen squad - Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Wraithlord finishes off my Warlord and a Guardsmen squad – Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Ynarri were trying to kill as many units as possible at this point and were doing well. With my Warlord dead (2 VPs) an infantry squad and the Callidus Assassin all being killed in turn 5. They also held onto three of the six objectives. A nice VP haul of 7 at a late stage of the game.

The Astra Militarum had the final turn and were still going for as many VPs as possible. It was close. The Guardsmen from the Wraithlord combat moved up and on to the objective, taking control of it. The Vindicare held onto his objective and the Bodyguard plus Commissar held onto theirs. Shooting from the Guard was now much more limited and the number of VPs they could get from killing enemy units was minimal. The Warp Spiders died from the last Wyvern.

Summary –¬†Ynnari vs Astra Militarum

The Guard won! It was 28 to 25 VPs which is very close for such a high scoring game. No one ran away with the game and the Ynaari were alway just behind in points. They closed the gap in the last turn, but just not enough. It was a superb game, enjoyed by both sides because it was so close. That is two games in a row for the Guard!

The more observant among you may notice something odd about the Ynnari list. I didn’t either until I wrote this article. It’s about 100 points over 1,750 points! Not to worry! An even more stunning victory for the Guard!

And now I’ve just realised the Razorwing wasn’t accounted for either in points. That’s another 175 points over 1,750!

Astra Militarum MVP

Got to be the Bullgryns, they do not die easily and just pounded through all the Harlequins. The cherry on top of a Frag Bomb that killed the enemy Farseer Warlord. Perfect.

Ynaari MVP

Wave Serpents, every time. I have given up trying to kill them because of their Spirit Stones and Shields which reduce the damage done. I just ignore them. But they are annoying and get be used to pick of characters and vehicles by flying into hard to reach spots.

Alter and Bunker from The Wargaming Shop

Alter and Bunker from The Wargaming Shop

Above is a more detailed view of the terrain from The Wargaming Shop .