Warhammer 40K Antennas/Aerials

Warhammer 40K Antennas/Aerials

Let us try to replace my Baneblade antenna...

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

This article is a quick and simple tutorial for replacing your plastic, rigid Warhammer 40K antennas with wobbly antennas – because they look awesome.

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The Baneblade has two huge antennas on it and they looked great. Then I snapped one-off which is really easily done. Then with 30 minutes of doing the first, I did the second. Well done me!



This prompted me to find an alternative. I had seen wobbly Warhammer 40K antennas before and seen them on historical and on modern scale models. But finding information on what was needed was hard.

Some places suggested fishing wire or guitar strings. But without having a whole host of those available I had no idea what sort to get; what width, what type, etc. I don’t fish and I don’t play the guitar.

Then my two-year-old daughter came up to me…

Daddy, wat dat?

She was clutching a broken fibre optic light from a My Little Pony toy. Perfect. A Warhammer 40K antenna was born.

Sadly this means I still do not know what type of fishing wire or guitars string will work. But these fibre optic lights are perfect.

For those of you who don’t fish, don’t play the guitar and don’t have destructive children I’d recommend a 0.5mm fibre optic light. They are pretty cheap.

Warhammer 40K Antenna Method

Now I had my antenna I was ready to try and piece this together.

The first step was adding weight to the end to give it a bend once installed. I started with a blob of Greenstuff. This was far too light.

From there I added a tiny magnet. That gave it some bend but once I’d got it to the correct length the bend would be much less (is that the right word).

But, I could easily add more weight by just adding magnets to my Warhammer 40K antennas!

I painted the whole thing black and then removed the old antennas and drilled new holes. I cut the antennas to the right length and then glued them in place.

It was then just a case of adding magnets to get the correct bend and also slightly forcing a bend towards the base of the antenna. Any new magnets then needed painting black too.

Antenna Storage

I now had my Warhammer 40K antennas! The final step was adding storage mode which simply involves placing two larger magnets underneath the Baneblade’s engine section for the antennas to stick too.

I’m unsure how well this will work overtime but it’s handy and something I can use to keep that stationery during games if needed.