Update on Shadow War Zone - Warhammer 40K Blog

Update on Shadow War Zone – Warhammer 40K Blog

An update on the state of Shadow War Zone - the short story is, it is healthy!

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It’s been a while posting about my Shadow War Zone site. Since my last update it’s gone from strength to strength!

With over 1,600 users now plus the much requested anonymous ability to create a Kill Team the site shows no sign of slowing.

Shadow War Skinny Men

Shadow War Skinny Men

Campaigns are now a thing too. Create a Campaign for your friends to join and from there you can easily see the following stats for each Kill Team:

  • Total points
  • Total “Ranking” points – the total points for a Kill Team when awarding extra points for Fighter stat increases and skills
  • Promethium Caches
  • Wins, Losses and Draws
  • Total battles completed

Features that will be coming soon include:

  • “Like” Campaigns and Kill Teams
  • Follow Campaigns and Kill Teams
  • Comment on Campaigns and Kill Teams
  • Images for Campaigns and individual battles
  • Special Operative profiles
  • More Weapon Profiles – I add more each day
  • A PDF and printable output for Battle View

This project has been a nice distraction while waiting for 8th to arrive. My 8th edition rules haven’t arrived yet, but it should do this week. I hope once it’s here that I can continue to do Shadow War Zone justice and develop it even further. The feedback and support so far has been fantastic and it’s always nice to get new sign ups and positive feedback every time I wake up!

For those interested here are some juicy numbers from Shadow War Zone:

  • 19,300 User Sessions
  • 99,200 Page Views
  • Skinny Men Var Saar most Viewed Kill Team – pictured
  • 4,092 visits from Facebook
  • Alpha is the most popular fighter name (excluding 1, 2, 3 and “Leader”)
  • Ordo Xenos most common Kill Team name (excluding “Test”)