Social Media Guide - Testing My Own Ideas, Part 8
40K Assassin Project

Social Media Guide – Testing My Own Ideas, Part 8

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Growth Graph

Growth Graph

Now we’re within 24 hours of our deadline for this social media challenge and we’re 90% complete on our goal of 100 followers in two weeks!

I have managed to get in some decent paint sessions and completed my model, but new followers have definitely dropped off. It looks like the Monday and Tuesday were best for new followers, I don’t think I did anything differently on those two days; posted images, questions, etc.

Vindicare Assassin

Vindicare Assassin

The Vindicare model is now complete, bar some black touch ups on the base. So I don’t have much more content ammo to throw at Twitter to gain attention and followers. Perhaps this is the end of the road with 90 followers.

Note that these stats are from exactly two weeks ago today, I’m writing this and then scheduling the articles to publish exactly two weeks later, once the exercise is complete. This is so these articles won’t falsely force up the followers on my test account.

Current followers: 90

Current following: 234

Tweets: 86

Days elapsed: 13