Social Media Guide - Testing My Own Ideas, Part 6
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Social Media Guide – Testing My Own Ideas, Part 6

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Just a quick post this, its only been one evening, a night and a morning since my last post and we’re up by ten followers. I am not really sure how, but we’re growing without posting images or really tweeting much. It looks like I am on track for hitting the 100 followers in a week target – which feels pretty good. But the last 44 won’t come easy.

Social Media Growth


I have a painting evening tomorrow with a friend so I’ll get some more pics up then I hope – this should push me that last little bit towards 100.

Really looking forward to rounding this whole series off and writing up what this has taught me. Its been a weird ride.

Note that these stats are from exactly two weeks ago today, I’m writing this and then scheduling the articles to publish exactly two weeks later, once the exercise is complete. This is so these articles won’t falsely force up the followers on my test account.

Current followers: 56

Current following: 147

Tweets: 57

Days elapsed: 9