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Social Media Guide – Testing My Own Ideas, Part 4

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
Digital Camo Vindicare

Digital Camo Vindicare

Right we’re into some painting progress now with 3 ReTweets and 5 Favourites. Followers are up and interactions are up too. The going is slow it seems though, I need to refine what I am doing.

I have updated my profile image and my banner to a new version of the mini. Before today there was no banner and the profile image was just a primed model, but now we have some paint I have updated them.

I have gone on a following spree using the followers of BoLS as a reference. Going over and following everyone with a 40K related profile image, I followed about 9 from here.

I have also gone through search results from #warmongers and found some great paint jobs then ReTweeted andFavourited them. I have also replied to some of the tweets and begun interacting with individuals. This is something I was hoping to avoid as it feel deceptive but it might be a necessary evil and is of course a true representation of how one uses Twitter; to interact with real people.

The Mini

As for the mi I am for a new scheme on his clothes. I am currently unsure if I can pull this off and the feedback I get is limited too due to the my new account only having a 10 followers! I think this is a big deal for me, without the feedback and mass response from Twitter on a paint job I am unable to decide if I have pulled it off or not! #warmongers I need your valid and professional opinions!

At the current rate I am no way going to make the 100 in 2 weeks, this either means I have failed and will stop or that I will continue going with this account until I get 100 followers. Unsure at this time, lets see what the weekend brings.

Up until now I have only been using the #warmongers hash tag perhaps its time to take my own advice and branch out;

Note that these stats are from exactly two weeks ago today, I’m writing this and then scheduling the articles to publish exactly two weeks later, once the exercise is complete. This is so these articles won’t falsely force up the followers on my test account.

Current followers: 10

Current following: 56

Tweets: 23

Days elapsed: 6