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Social Media Guide – Testing My Own Ideas, Part 3

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Digital Camo Vindicare

Digital Camo Vindicare

I’ve not done anything on the mini today. I posted it again on Twitter and followed more accounts, plus retweeted some images from those accounts. This doesn’t seem to have done anything and my single mini that is primed is going unnoticed.

The lesson here seems to be that people don’t like primed minis, thats no surprise really.

So its time to step up on the painting front and get some decent progress done and posted online.

Note that these stats are from exactly two weeks ago today, I’m writing this and then scheduling the articles to publish exactly two weeks later, once the exercise is complete. This is so these articles won’t falsely force up the followers on my test account.

Current followers: 3

Current following: 23

Tweets: 5

Days elapsed: 4