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Shotgun or Lasgun – A big question for Veteran Guardsman

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Lasgun or Shotgun Vet'?

Lasgun or Shotgun Vet’?

I am not great at the Meta game; knowing all the best unit combos, all the best buffs, etc. I build my lists for fun mainly and not usually to win. hey also get built on what I own of course! I play to play – not to solely win. But today I wanted to take a look at the lasgun against the shotgun. Every time I do my lists and I add a veteran squad I see the option to swap out the lasgun for the shotgun. I have not taken this step yet and I wanted to think through the two options before I made the change. The other reason is that I don’t have shotgun models, yet.

The weapon profiles for each are very similar;


12″3Assault 2


24″3Rapid Fire

My Thoughts

My thoughts on these two weapons has been fairly simple, never take shotguns in a regular game of 40K. Their shorter range¬†means that they are going to be fairly ineffective on a larger battle field. It also means that if you’re taking them then you’re probably going to be using them in close combat, because they are assault¬†2. ¬†But¬†Guard being Guard they are not the best in¬†melee so the chances are they’re going to die against whatever they come up against. Your opponent will sight the Shotguns, note their assault 2 and send in their decent melee troops to kill them off before they have¬†chance to do the task you had planned for them. The lasgun is a much¬†more useful option in regular 40K games, its longer ranger and rapid fire at 12″ mean that its much more versatile on a large battle field.

The only really serious place that I would take shotguns is in Kill Team. The shotguns¬†lend¬†themselves¬†much better to a densely packed table of terrain as you can more effectively¬†pick when your models are exposed to your opponents models and ensure that you are in range.¬†This also means you can more effectively¬†pick which models get close enough for assault as each model is an individual who can move independently from his squad mates. Your shotgun models¬†can move forward and be covered by your lasgun models. That isn’t such a viable option in a regular¬†games as the squad moves together and so you would need an entirely¬†different squad dedicated to cover your shotgun models as they move forward.