September 28th – 2 Hour Paint Challenge

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes


On September 28th myself and some fellow Tweeters will be taking part in a 2 hour paint challenge.

The rules as laid down by@PVasiljevicĀ are as follows;

2 Hour Paint Challenge

2 Hour Paint Challenge

  • Pick a mini, 28mm scale, guardsman-size or bigger – it’s your decision.
  • Miniature must be preassembled and undercoated.
  • Undercoat can be either black or white.
  • You have 2 hours to paint and base the mini to your best ability.
    No airbrushes.
  • No spray cans for a second undercoat or a coloured basecoat.
  • Post photo-proof on Twitter, one photo of the start and and one photo of the mini finished.
  • Place something with live data in the background – eg your Twitter’s main timeline.
  • Optionally use the hash tag #2hrmini so others can view your handy work too!
  • You may photograph an artsy/display photo after that if you wish/must, if the proof photo was not good enough to display the model fully.
  • You can pick any two hours during September 28th. Even after midnight, but it must be 2 consecutive hours.

Good luck and have fun!

If you “want in” just do it! It’s just for fun, no prizes, just a challenging bit of fun. Be sure to post up your minis to Twitter using the hash tag #2hrmini