Secret Santa Christmas Mini with ResinJunkie – Join Us!

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes
Ork Boss Zagstruk - Bionic Santa

Ork Boss Zagstruk – Bionic Santa

So let me explain, this was entirely ResinJunkie’s idea and what a great idea it is! It’s a kind of Secret Santa that we are doing between the two of us. We’ll be showcasing our efforts on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs.

The basic idea is that we both buy each other a mini, paint it, base it and then send it in time for Christmas. It might not turn out to be a secret for each other because we wanted to share our progress and hopefully inspire other hobbyists to do the same! But secret is the aim! I’ve never met ResinJunkie or even spoke to him on the phone. We’re both 40K players, we chat and share mini progress via Twitter. So this is pretty exciting!

Mad Dok Grotsnik - Medic Santa?

Mad Dok Grotsnik – Medic Santa?

Ghazghkull Thraka - The Badest Secret Santa?

Ghazghkull Thraka – The Badest Secret Santa?

Our efforts will be showcased on Twitter using the hash tag #xmasmini so keep an eye out. I personally will be looking for lots of tips! As I’ve never painted the type of minis I’ve chosen for ResinJunkie, the images should give you a massive hint!

In the spirit of the season of good will towards your fellow hobbyist why not look over your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blog friends, see if there’s anyone you might want to do something similar with. We’d love to see you all doing something similar. If you join in please do share your photos too using the hash tag #xmasmini!

I think regardless of the outcome, whether you’re a Golden Demon winner or new to painting, having something that someone has picked out for you and put the effort into painting is going to make it special.

Secret Santa Rules

We have laid out some ground rules for our Secret Santa to make it all run a little smoother. These are those rules covering costs, timings and mini selection.

  • Spend limit of £15 for the mini
  • HQ only
  • Characters only
  • We sent each other a list of our existing HQ units as not to duplicate
  • Start 5th November
  • Send in time for Christmas

We plan on sharing our progress over the coming weeks and then doing a final “unboxing” around Christmas Day. We’ve also had some discussion about our current armies and plans for those armies, to ensure any new HQ fits in! We don’t want these new HQ minis to be pretty guys on the sidelines.

So, watch this space for the reveal of my mini for ResinJunkie around November 5th. I’m going to unfollow him too, so that my mini from him is a surprise hopefully and I don’t “bump” into it on Twitter by accident!


If you do decide to do this then please do, but its of course a risk getting a complete stranger to buy and paint a mini for you. This is only a suggestion. Cadian Shock or ResinJunkie are not responsible for your experience of Secret Santa should you wish to try this little project.