Reign of Darkness - I’ve Entered a Tournament

Reign of Darkness – I’ve Entered a Tournament

I have entered my first ever tournament :-)

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I’ve entered my first Tournament – Reign of Darkness! Exciting times! I put this down as a to do for 2016 I believe but that didn’t happen. But now it is!

It’s on June 30th, 1,500 Points and max 2 detachments. It’ll take place at Boards and Swords. It’s three games of 2.5 hours. All the details are here for those interested.

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I’m very excited about this! I intend to:

  • Enjoy it
  • Not take it too seriously
  • Not get tabled
  • Not lose all my games

And that’s that. If I win a single game of my three I’ll be very happy!

As for my list, that’s not completed yet. I’ve another game to play with it before making my final decision on my forces.

Tips So Far for Reign of Darkness

I asked for some tournaments tips on Facebook and this is what I have so far…

  • Take water to drink
  • Play a list I know well
  • Prioritise targets
  • Keep mobile
  • Bring a folding chair
Reign of Darkness

Reign of Darkness