Ratlings All 30, plus Rein and Raus Completed

Ratlings All 30, plus Rein and Raus Completed

Like a madman, I can now field 30 Ratlings, plus Rein and Raus!

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I painted my first batch of 10 Ratlings back in July 2018, then did another 7 in August 2019. These are all the older sculpts of Ratlings, which I think is pretty cool! They all have 1994 on their base! Maybe these guys will get an outing soon at Boards and Swords.

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That left 13 to get me to the maximum possible. And here they are, all 30 Ratlings are now done along with Rein and Raus.

I can’t wait to field these as three squads of 10 Ratlings plus Rein and Raus. I’ll take Yarrick too, he will give them re-rolls of 1 to Hit! I’m sure that’ll go in our new Codex when it appears!

Rein and Raus are possible worthless for their 40 points, but they are two cool models and will go well with my 30 Ratlings!

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