40K Assassin Project

Painting A Vindicare Assassin In Digital Camo

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes
Completed Vindicare Assassin

Completed Vindicare Assassin

So my two week exercise is complete, testing my Twitter advice, I can now fully reveal my Vindicare Assassin.

I’ve gone for a digital camo effect which is something I’ve always wanted to try because it just looks cool. No other reason than I like it. Setting out on this journey I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to be able to do it and if I was what sort of effect it would create. Into the unknown I went.

I decided to freehand the¬†patchwork of colours because every other idea I had to mask it off wouldn’t work. It’s far too curved and small to get any meaningful and reliable ¬†masking going on, so freehand it was. If you have a method please do let me know!

I started with a single lower leg to see how it would go and I was pleased with the results after that initial test so I then set about doing it over the entire model.

Vindicare Assassin Digital Camo

Single Lower Leg - Digital Camo Vindicare

Single Lower Leg – Digital Camo Vindicare

The steps were as follows;

  1. Eyshin Grey on all the clothing as a base layer.
  2. Blocks using Dawnstone Grey to cover about 50% of the Eyshin Grey in random, pixelated patterns. Use a jaunty angle here so you’re not running parallel or perpendicular to the Vindicare’s clothing and accessories.
  3. Small blocks of Celestra Grey, this would cover only about 25% of the model and should intersect both the Dawnstone Grey and the Eyshin Grey blocks.
  4. Finally use Ulthuan Grey sparingly and again use it to intersect all the other greys.
  5. I then used a Nuln Oil Wash on the whole model. At this point I was disappointed with result as the model had become very dark and grubby. The photos are a lot worse than the actual model.
  6. I then reapplied all of the above grey layers to bring the model back from the brink of being too dark and dirty. This helped a lot especially on the Ulthuan Grey because it was the lightest.
Digital Camo Complete

Digital Camo Complete

The head is in Screaming Skull and the other fixtures and fittings in the usual whites, metallic silvers, reds and leathery browns. Oh and black!

I really enjoyed doing this model and I am looking forward to doing my other assassins in the same style Рall of them on the table top will look really impressive!