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Paint Hammer Blogger – Blog Spotlight

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Age 2 years (as of Sept 2014)
No. of posts 100s
Frequency Weekly
Active in 40K 15 years
Twitter @paint_hammer
Facebook None
Armies covered All
Games WHFB

Notable Posts

Paint Hammer's Rock Idol

Paint Hammer’s Rock Idol

Rock Idol

There are no words to describe this amazing piece of art. Other than “Run!”.

Speed Batch Painting

This is an interesting read even though the project is not complete – I think. The masses of photos are cool too as it shows the enormity of the task as well as the great methods used to make these models really look great.

OrcOgre Firebelly & Butcher

Pink fire breathing Orc, that is all.


Paint Hammer, mainly covers Warhammer Fantasy, which I know is not really in line with my blog nor the majority of my content – 40K. But his stuff is very very good and is well worth checking out for something different and that extra dose of inspiration.

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