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Paint Challenge – September’s 2 Hour Challenge Follow Up

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is a follow up to September 28th’s 2 Hour Paint Challenge. The paint challenge saw myself and some fellow Twitter users paint a single 28mm in 2 hours or less. Including a base. The main rules can be found on that older post.

Make sure you check out all those who took part in this paint challenge, their names are linked to their YouTube, Deviant Art or Twitter accounts. Keep your eyes peeled too, I am sure this will happen again.

If you want a heads up when it happens again, just leave a comment!

Paint Challenge Gallery

So here is everyone’s minis, in no particular order – plus my 2 cents for each. You’re supposed to post a proof image first, for instance a live Twitter feed with your mini in the foreground to begin with, then the same again afterwards. But hardly anyone did, so I omitted those. Everyone did really well and I cannot believe so many people took part, it started out as just two of us! So thanks to everyone who did it and lets hope the next one is bigger and even more far reaching!

Epic Duck Mike

I know little of Eldar, so don’t know what they are supposed to look like. But this one looks really great Mike, for two hours work you should be very very pleased.

Favourite: Impressive basing!

Epic Duck Mike

Epic Duck Mike

Predrag Vasiljevic

Oh my eyes! The rot! I can’t take it! As usual a really impressive mini from Hypo. Puts my skills to shame and he always makes me think – I should really get my camera and light box sorted out. I never do though. Make sure you check out his Deviant Art page!

Favourite: I really like the dirtiness of this mini, with the faded hood and grim looking mono-horn.

Predrag - AKA Hypo

Predrag – AKA Hypo


Hey, a man! Not a Xeno! Again more great stuff for two hours of painting. No base though, but I also forgot to do a base on my first attempt. Its a tough ask, especially the first time around.

Favourite: The details on the hands, wings, gun (just visible) and ropes on the waist are really great. Excellent for two hours!



Cadian Shock

This is mine. Mine was massively late, firstly due to illness then due to lack of time. I went for “urban”, completely unplanned and just used the paints I had, plus some Googled images for inspiration.

Favourite: Taking part and doing a (simple) base this time around!

Cadian Shock

Cadian Shock


I think AikasMX bit off more than they could chew here. Krom was a big ask and they admit that. But you must admire the ambition, a character like Krom for a fist time attempt at the 2 hour challenge.

Favourite: 10/10 for effort!




I was not prepared for this video. It freaked me out! I don’t know this mini, but it looks fantastic for a 2 hour job. Sir, you should be proud. I didn’t expect the paint challenge to be this terrifying!

Favourite: Insane, horror style presentation technique.

Justin Borges

Again I don’t know this mini, but for 2 hours its looking really really great. Looks like you got some great details down on the metal, feathers and beard within the 2 hours. Well done!

Favourite: I liked the presentation style, via video. I may try this myself.

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