Zagstruk Ork Warboss, Secret Santa – Update #2

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
Guardsman & Ork Primed

Guardsman & Ork Primed

We are well under way now and the model is really starting to look like its completed – from a basing point of view.

I’ve added greenstuff to the torso, arm and foot now and it’s helped a lot which is a relief. I wasn’t sure that my greenstuff skills were up to the task but I think I’ve pulled it off.

Next came the basing materials which is just torn up pieces of Cork Sheet and Modelling Gravel. I love the effect of these two materials and I’m happy with the result.

I used a knife to carve out the holes for the magnets. One in the base of the Guardsman, one under the Ork’s raised mechanical foot and one of the side of the base the Ork is standing on. The magnet on the side of the rubble Zagstruk is standing on is for storing the piece of rubble when the Guardsman is in place – saves ResinJunkie having to manage a single piece of magnetised cork during games as I’m sure it’ll be easily lost!

That last magnet I forgot about so had to do it after I’d base coated the mini. You’ll see from the photos. I used Chaos Black to prime the mini. So now we are ready to paint!