My Top 3 YouTube Channels

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Top YouTube Channels

Top YouTube Channels

Prepare for a curve ball, something perhaps a little off the beaten track here. There be no big channels with multiple 1000s of subscribers here!

These three channels I watch/listen to the most out of all the 40K channels out there. For the simple reason that they don’t need to be watched. Only listened too. These channels don’t use video, instead they use either a still image or a ‘talking head’. The benefits are threefold;

  1. Bandwidth, less complex videos make for smaller streaming sizes and means I don’t need 720p. Therefore listening over a 3G connection isn’t an issue.
  2. Listening with headphones, like a Podcast, is much easier while walking to work or actually working then watching a video.
  3. Listening forces one to be engaged with the content rather than the visual candy.

I’ve listened to just about every video these channels have to offer. Because I’m only listening, the number of times in a day I can consume content is greatly increased so I can consume more and more 40K loveliness. Yay! Here they are;

Wargamer Fritz

Previously Fritz 40K has some really great content about overall game tactics for 40K and table top dice based games in general. This can be especially good for new comers who are still trying to come to terms with the rules and their codex and how it all fits together.

Fritz uses a still image.

Commissar Warwick

Warwick’s tactics guides for Imperial Guide have seen me right many times. His reviews of new 40K content are also great too as you can rely on listening only. The same can also be said for his battle reports which are often narrative based and descriptive.

Warwick uses a still image.

Tactica Imperialis

Tactica Imperialis plays Imperial Guard a lot so is a default listen for me. His reviews of the Guard codex and analysis of other codices have been very valuable in my return to the 40K table.

Tactica uses his ‘talking head’.