My Lockdown Reset

My Lockdown Reset

Lockdown has given me a bit of a reset when it comes to which models to build and paint next.

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In October 2020 the U.K. went back into a full national lockdown again. This was after the first lockdown was lifted in the Summer. The second lockdown meant no more gaming of any sort as you were not allowed to mix indoors at all. Sad times.

At this point, I was nearly playing once a week and was starting my Gorgon. The roadmap for building and painting models was;

  1. Gorgon
  2. Bullgryns
  3. 9 Sentinels
  4. 3 Thudd Guns
  5. 3 Astropaths
  6. Crassus Armoured Transport

I know this because I have draft blog articles about them all!

All of these are models I really wanted to play within games. Some because they are cool; Gorgon and Crassus. And some because they are useful in games and fulfil a role I don’t currently have filled in my army; Sentinels, Bullgryns and Astropaths.

Thudd Guns are cool too!


Gorgon floor WIP

Gorgon floor WIP

Forgeworld Condominium

Then the Forgeworld book (was leaked) came out and the Gorgon moved to Legends which was a bit of a setback – in my mind at least. What I thought it meant was that the model couldn’t be used in Matched Play games – which I play a lot of.

But, that’s not the case. It just means they are not going to be updated in balance reviews and therefore are not recommended in tournaments for events – which I rarely do. Thank you Plague Gardening for helping me see the correct path on this!

Lockdown Reset

Then our second lockdown occurred and all games stopped. And so did all time and/or motivation to paint.

This was late October, which was when my last game was and when I finished my last model – the Catachan Colonel.

Welcome to the Guard!

Welcome to the Guard!

That was the last time I painted, other than just the other day – February 12th – where I stared on Sergeant Ripper Jackson! I’m back into it now but with some new goals and a different direction.

The Gorgon is still happening, but without large wedges of time to dedicate to it, it’s on hold for now.

I’m doing smaller projects now and doing models I’ve had for a while. Sergeant Ripper Jackson is a new model, although I did order her four months ago from Games Workshop. The smaller projects are easier to pick up and put down without too much stress.

Pick up, do a colour. Next day, pick up, do a wash. Repeat. Given enough time, I’ll have a done model.

This feels more manageable at present. Rather than starring down a project like a Gorgon or a Crassus!

My last game in October vs Eldar

My last game in October vs Eldar


I’ve also recently built;

  • Inquisitor Greyfax – who I have had since the release date
  • Lord Inquisitor Draxus – again, I’ve had her since the release
  • Commissar Severina – she is a new addition

So those three will be being painted soon too.

Four female legends to paint

Four female legends to paint

Sentry Guns

I also recently assembled six Kromlech Sentry Turrets to use as Tarantula or Sabre Weapons Platforms.

I’ve three Heavy Bolter and three Lascannon variants. These will be a quick paint job too;

  • Build – done
  • Spray green – done
  • Wash
  • Dry brush
  • Metals
  • Lenses
  • Basing
Sentry Gun WIP

Sentry Gun WIP


So in summary, I’m back painting but not the sort of things I was planning on painting. I can’t play so that changes my motivation somewhat.

It’ll be good to get these four female HQ style models done as well as the sentry guns. They are all new interesting toys for the tabletop.

Then after those, I’ve something from Forgeworld to build and paint. Three of them, and I can’t wait to get my teeth into them… take a guess?