Muddy Field Mat Review - DeepCut Studio

Muddy Field Mat Review – DeepCut Studio

DeepCut Studio Muddy Field Mat Review on mousepad material!

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Today we have the Muddy Field┬áReview from DeepCut Studios. I have had this mat for a while now and it’s seen plenty of warfare. And it’s a great mat!

My other DeepCut Studios mat is an Urban PVC mat.

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The DeepCut Studio website is superb when it comes to browsing and ordering your mat. It’s nice to see an independent website that’s done such a good job of the ordering process – rather than resort to Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

So, good job guys!

Delivery & Packaging

The mat was in no danger of being damaged or torn during the delivery process.

I was provided with a tracking number so I could see my product coming from Lithuania to the U.K.

that’s a big plus when it comes to ordering from abroad. It adds a good level of trust to your experience.

Battlefield set - Swamp Mat Review

Battlefield set – Muddy Field Mat Review

Product Build

I have another DeepCut Studio mat from a few years ago and it’s definitely stood the rest of time well – and the test of being used for scores of games.

The mouse pad material was new to me but it works very well. I prefer it over the PVC style materials. It’s a lot heavier but that’s good because it just falls to the table and it ready. The PVC needed sticking with Blu-Tak to ensure the edges don’t curl up – a minor issue. The PVC mat is a lot lighter though.

Swamp mat

Muddy Field

You can put hot and cold drinks on it no problem, not that you should but it happens. Spillages are easy to deal with too as liquid dormant soak in quickly. Obviously, don’t leave it out in the rain!

The way the mat moves and reacts to your handling is heavy. Which is good, it flops about and stays on the table as a mousepad should. This video shows you much better how it moves…

As for the imagery of the mat, it is superb. It looks like a muddy field! As one would expect. It’s not uniform either as you can see. There is plenty of variation on the surface – so it doesn’t look like a plain grassy field. There are various types of grass and on plants plus watery areas and muddy areas which all make for a great looking muddy field.

Summary – Muddy Field Mat Review

These mats are excellent value. They’ll cost you ┬ú60 but you’ll be set for life then. Sure it’s the cost of a couple of Leman Russ but if you split it with your gaming friends then it’s a lot more affordable.

It is definitely worth the price.

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