MathHammer Weapon Profiles - MathHammer App Update

MathHammer Weapon Profiles – MathHammer App Update

MathHammer Weapon Profiles are now here...

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I have got the first big update for Mathhammer! Yeah! I’ve added MathHammer Weapon Profiles so that each saved Attacker Profile can have one or more weapons associated with it.

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MathHammer Weapon Profiles

This is less useful for a Guardsman. But really useful for a Leman Russ, a Baneblade or a Knight. You can add as many weapons as you wish to a profile, giving you the true damage output of the unit. You can overwrite the BS too. This is particularly useful if you have a unit with an Assault weapon or Pistol that has a BS of maybe 4 – but you are fairly sure they will end up in combat with their WS of 3+. The melee weapons can be BS 3 (which uses the same mechanic WS). This gives you a real representation of their true potential using the correct WS and BS for their weapons.

You can also select specific settings for weapons, maybe only one of your weapons Explodes on 6s. You can select this option for that weapon only – rather than for all weapons on the unit.

MathHammer Weapon Profiles - Add

MathHammer Weapon Profiles – Add

TOUR! There is now an in-app tour to help you get to grips with how MathHammer is used.

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  • Re-rolling of ones was giving incorrect results (too low) when using with a positive modifier
  • Points were using used for ROI on Analyse All even when no points were set for the Defender
  • Analyse All Profiles and Analyse individual Profiles was sometimes giving blank results
  • ANDROID – The menu now closes when the Back Button is used
  • ANDROID – There was some odd behaviour when using the Back Button to navigate between the pages and back to the home/results page
  • New Exploding 6s without Modifiers input was being left “on” even after loading a new Attacker Profile
  • Tesla now works with re-rolls and hit modifiers
  • Ignore damage was giving incorrect results when the Damage was 1
  • Inv Save was not being used if it was the only save the Defender had


  • The results that are pinned to the bottom of the screen now show Total Damage, Dead Models and ROI
  • Specific BS per weapon
  • Cloning profiles now prompts for a new Profile name right away
  • Reduced damage with Half and -1
  • The main output at the bottom of the screen now shows Dead Models and ROI.
  • The Analysis output has been improved to only show Dead Models and ROI. Click for more detail and weapons breakdown.
  • Saving edited profiles is now easier, just hit Save and done. No need to enter a profile name again.
  • Support for Exploding 6s with and without Modifiers
  • Added a Back to Home button on Quick Add to make things a little easier
  • Your last loaded profile is stored now ready to be loaded again even if you force quit the app
  • Xenophase Blade (Re-roll Successful Invulnerable Saves) is now an Attacker option
  • Grav
  • Reduced damage with Half and minus one (Iron Hands)

General Updates

  • New icon set
  • Amends to button styles

Finally… The FAQ has been updated with various help, including explaining why you can get high Total Damage but low Dead Models when using high damage weapons.

The below output shows a Leman Russ vs a Marine. The Leman Russ has its Battle Cannon at 2D6, a Heavy Bolter and a Two Overcharged Plasma Cannons.

MathHammer Weapon Profiles

MathHammer Weapon Profiles

This shows the best outcome for each of my Defender profiles, TD is Total Damage, DM is Dead Models and ROI is Return on Investment based on points.

MathHammer Weapon Profiles

MathHammer Weapon Profiles