MathHammer Lite is Now Available for iOS & Android

MathHammer Lite is Now Available for iOS & Android

MathHammer Lite, which is free, is here...

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There is now a free version of MathHammer available on iOS and Android – called MathHammer Lite. It’s a stripped-back version that lets you see what the full MathHammer app has to offer.

MathHammer Lite is Free

The Lite version was built for you to easily see what can be done with MathHammer and to demonstrate what MathHammer is. It has several useful features listed below for you to use right now for free!

Features include;

  • Add an attacker and a defender and view all results for the interaction
  • Save up to 5 profiles for easy loading of attackers and defenders
  • Quickly analyse all attackers against all defenders to find the best performing attacker
  • View helper videos to see what the full app contains

MathHammer Lite Store Links

MathHammer Google Play

MathHammer on iOS

MathHammer Lite Gallery

MathHammer Full App

The full MathHammer app has everything available listed below;

The full MathHammer app allows you to;

  • Save as many attackers and defenders as you wish
  • Add extra weapon profiles to attackers
  • Use additional attacker abilities like re-rolls, modifiers and special rules such as Exploding 6s
  • You can also use defender special abilities such as Quantum Shields, ignoring AP-1 weapons and re-rolling Invulnerable saves
  • Tag profiles to quickly check one tag against another. E.g. Primaris Marines vs Orks
  • Analyse any single profile against all other profiles. E.g. analyse a Baneblade with all weapons against every defender profile

MathHammer Full Store Links

MathHammer Google Play

MathHammer on iOSMathHammer Full Gallery

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