Master of Ordnance Completed

Master of Ordnance Completed

My artillery all just got a little better... I have completed my two Master of Ordnance!

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Now I have my Manticores and Deathstrike Missile Launchers done, the next logical step is to get myself a Master of Ordnance or two? So, here we are – two newly completed Master of Ordnance. I hopefully got these done in time for my first game of 2021 at Boards & Swords!

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Masters of Ordnance

Masters of Ordnance

I also have two painted Basilisks and two painted Wynerns which will benefit from a Master of Ordnance. I have another Wyvern/Hydra to build and paint too at some point.

They only give a 6″ bubble and these vehicles soon take up a lot of room, so fielding two of these guys in a battle may not be unheard of in the future.

I am hoping and praying to the Emperor that the re-rolling of ones that the Master of Ordnance gives to artillery is changed so that it does not only work against enemy units that are over 36″ away. This limitation sucks, the battlefields are now much smaller in 9th Edition, so it is much easier for the enemy to move up and within 36″ on turn one. Of course, this also creates other problems for Astra Militarum armies.

In the new Astra Militarum Codex, this should 36″ limitation should be removed or reduced by at least 50%.

Master of Ordnance Completed Gallery

I opted to paint one with blue armour and one with red. I could have done them green to match my Cadians. But, I wanted them to stand out on their own as they may be used with my Catachans or Valhallans in the future.

Also, making them different colours is good for gaming reasons E.g. it is easy to communicate things like the following;

  • The blue Master of Ordnance has the Death Mask of Ollanius
  • The red Master of Ordnance is using this Artillery Barrage this turn

It can just make things clearer for your opponent and yourself. And making things clearer, I am all for!

I do not ever envisage needing a third Master of Ordnance!

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