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March Updates to MathHammer 8th Edition

MathHammer 8th Edition update!

Little MathHammer 8th Edition update for you. The big thing is to Wound and to Hit Modifiers, its been a long time coming. But its here!

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MathHammer 8th Edition Updates

  • Modify to Hit rolls!
  • Modify to Wound rolls!
  • Fixed Salamanders option.
  • Removed chat button on mobile.
  • Logo!
  • Remove ads via Patreon or Paypal┬áby giving over a $1 a month.
  • Return on Investment (for the more serious player) – input the total cost of the Attacking models and the per model cost of the Defending model – to get an ROI percentage.
  • Defaults to three units now rather than five.
  • Use Add Unit to add as many as you need.
  • Use 2D6HI for the number of shots for a weapon if you roll 2D6 and pick the highest.
  • If you now have more than one model shooting, new “bars” are now shown to show the proportion of damage dealt with that model against your target.
  • The website now runs on SSL.
  • Fixed a bug where the total number of wounds caused was incorrect when using multiple weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where “AP value on 6+ to Wound” was not being applied.
  • Made D6MIN3 work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total Dead Models and Total Damage was too low with multiple weapons.

MathHammer 8th Edition Roadmap

  • Distribution graph
  • Import BattleScribe lists so you can easily just pick “Guardsman” and have all the stats appear
  • Import other lists from Army Builder and Quartermaster
  • Import Combat Roster data – maybe?!
  • More specific rules

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