How Many Guardsmen Does It Take To Kill a Riptide?

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Kill a Riptide in Code!

Kill a Riptide in Code!

With my game tonight postponed due to Glastonbury packing/shopping/stressing I decided to do something a little different with a spare hour. And what better way to kill an hour than to find out how many Guardsmen it takes to kill a Riptide.

I hope to add more underdogs and monstrous creatures someday, suggestions welcome in the comments or on Twitter or on Facebook.

Click here to try & kill a Riptide!

I just thought I would give a brief description of what I have done here. I have basically built a D6 simulator. The Guardsmen go first and fire their shots, equal to the number you input. A random number is then used to mimic the D6 to find the number of hits, wounds, unsaved wounds due to armour and unsaved wounds for invulnerability in the case of the Riptide. The Riptide then does the same. This continues until either the Guardsmen or Riptide is reduced to zero models.

This assumes there is no assault, no orders and no rapid fire. Yet. Any suggestions for improvements and/or additions are very welcome!