Infantry Conclave - 750 points of Cadians
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Infantry Conclave – 750 points of Cadians

Infantry Conclave? Never again.

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This is possibly the worst list I’ve ever put together and played with. It used the Infantry Conclave specialist detachment.

Infantry Conclave – Cadian Battalion

This gives me 7CP after deductions.

This was used in a 2V2 game where we had random assignments of teams. I was with Necrons vs Dark Angels and Eldar.

I think we lost 14-3. The mission was Four Pillars from Chapter Approved 2018.

I think the main issue is that the Conclave Detachment sucks. And that the list wasn’t very good at any single task.

It had some infantry bodies – but not loads. It had some armour – but not loads. Turn one my two Basilisks did 2 wounds to a Land Raider. That’s unlucky I think but without a dedicated anti-armour portion this can happen.

I live, learn and still love the Guard.