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Imperial Guard & Raven Guard Vs Salamanders Battle Report

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Salamanders Battle Report

Salamanders Battle Report

So its finally written up and online at The 40K Battle Directory!

The lists are on my blog too Salamanders list and Imperial Guard list.

A fun game, here is the Final Summary from the report….

A fun game and the first time I had played against Salamanders. It was a quick game too, those Drop Pods are brutal and even though I knew my opponent was bringing them and I padded out my deployment zone with bodies and Jamming Beacons they were still very destructive.

My main issue was the poor placement of my models. Placing both my ordering units on the same same side meant I could not order my Conscripts and two other infantry squads. This meant I lost fire power and my ability to Go to Ground and then get back up.

I live and learn. And I am ready for the next time I face Salamanders.