Astra Militarum Tactics

Imperial Guard & Raven Guard List VS Salamanders

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My Imperial Guard Forces

My Imperial Guard Forces

And so, the time has come. My Cadian forces have ‘stepped out of line’ one last time and the righteous fury of the Emperor shall be brought to bare on them tomorrow.

My long awaited game against an old friend from University is finally here, this is my list and his list will be posted up later today on my blog too. Its a friendly affair so we made our lists and then swapped to get those tactical juices flowing, as well as the classic taunts;

50 Conscripts…… BBQ?

The anticipation is massive, I’ve not played Salamanders before and he has not played against Imperial Guard in the 7th edition. Plus, we haven’t seen each other in about 6 years so its going to be a great occasion all round. I’ll be travelling to Lancaster (England) tomorrow morning for our game. I went to Lancaster Uni¬†about ten years ago now so its going to be interesting going back and having a snoop about. Anyway, the lists.

Re-roll (Edit)

So you’ll see in the comments my opponent (Guest 101) has mentioned a mistake. So I better include this…¬†In my original list I somehow managed to include 6 Flamer weapons, 2 on the Land Speeders and 4 in my Platoon Squad. Then late last night, in that moment of tranquility, just before you fall asleep, my eyes widened and I realised the error of my ways.

Salamanders re-roll failed wounds taken from Flamer weapons.

After some chat with my enemy he let me change them to something more usable. I had accidentally left in the Platoon Squad from a previous game and then also not thought properly about the use of my Land Speeders. Lesson learned. And thanks a lot buddy for being a good sport!

Imperial Guard List

  • Company Command Squad with Creed, Lascannon Regimental Standard and Medi Pack.
  • Platoon Command Squad with 4x Grenade Launchers and the Sergeant with Melta Bombs and Bolt Pistol, everyone has Krak Grenades too.
  • 4x Infantry squads all with a Heavy Bolter and each¬†Sergeant has¬†Melta Bombs.
  • Heavy Weapons team with 3x Lascannons.
  • 50x Conscripts with a Ministorum Priest.
  • Leman Russ Punisher, with Heavy Bolter sponsons, Storm Bolter and hull mounted Lascannon.
  • Veteran Squad with Krak Grenades, with 3x Plasma Guns and the¬†Sergeant has a Plasma Pistol.
  • The Veterans will use a Valkyrie, the Valkyrie has Hellstrike Missiles, no¬†sponsons and a Lascannon in the nose.
  • Bane Wolf with hull mounted Heavy Bolter, Camo Netting, Dozor Blade and Storm Bolter.

Raven Guard Allies List



  • Shrike.
  • Veteran Vanguard squad who will be joined to Shrike, with 2x Power Sword, 1x Lightning Claws, 1x Thunder Hammer and the Veteran¬†Sergeant has a Power Fist and Melta¬†Bombs.
  • 2x Squads of 5 Space Marine¬†Scouts, one squad with Boltguns and one squad with Sniper Rifles, both Scout¬†Sergeant has ¬†Melta Bombs.
  • Both squads of¬†Space Marine¬†Scouts will arrive in a Land¬†Speeder Storm with no upgrades.

My opponent’s¬†2,000 point Salamanders list can be found on my blog too.

The Battle Report is online!