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Imperial Guard Getting Started Guide – Entry 0.1

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
Imperial Guard Platoon

Imperial Guard Platoon

Thats right! I’m going to go there, a guide based on my own experience of one year in the Imperial Guard. It’s something everyone will have their own opinion and story about, and mine starts here, with you.

My first entry, this entry, is going to be asking you guys for feedback. What do you want to know, what needs to be covered, what issues did you have when starting your armies, etc. I want to make sure I cover things that people want to know. No point going on about how Zandri Dust is a lovely colour for your living room walls, is there?

I’m sure I’ll be gathering feedback from across the net including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc so any none Disqus comments I’ll place at the end of this article so everyone can see what everyone is saying on the matter.

Imperial Guard Guide – Feedback

Neil Parry – Facebook

I love reading guides and such, but the Tale of gamers style is the best as it actually follows real players doing the hobby we love so much. Start with an initial budget, then a smaller one each month, which is more realistic IMHO, see what they choose to buy and why, the assembly stage, including and interesting little conversions etc, then the painting, and any games they use them in, along with a little battle report. We all love a good battle report :)

Chris Vanderlaan – Facebook

What about a guide focused towards the box sets GW sells? Example: the Cadian Defence Force. You could cover the contents and then describe a few lists using those models.

Tactica Imperialis – Twitter

It would be good to get thoughts on getting started on a low budget or playing small games where you cant use key pricey units?

HouseofPainCakes – Twitter

A discussion on the different types of things that are IG specific vs Inquisition might be nice.

Dagreenskins – Twitter

Would not hurt to define the armies so you can build lists differently.

That’s it for now folks. Looking forward to getting into this one!