Ultramarine Army Raffle - Help for Heros

Ultramarine Army Raffle – Help for Heros

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Ultramarine Task Force

Ultramarine Task Force

IDICBeer and Dragon Forge Studios are along with some other 40K YouTubers putting together a really great package for charity. It is a charity raffle , for every £2 donated to Help for Heroes via their Just Giving page you will effectively “buy” a ticket into the raffle. The raffle is for a massive, brilliantly painted Ultramarine army! The images below should whet your appetite enough, so get yourself over there and start buying!

The Army

The army as it stands now, October 14th is;

Main Units

  • Aegis Defence Line x1
  • Assault Squad x2
  • Attack Bike x1
  • Bike Squad x1
  • Bastion x1
  • Command Squad x1
  • Command Squad (Forge World) x1
  • Command Squad Terminators x1
  • Contemptor Dreadnought x2
  • Centurion Squad x1
  • Devastator Squad  x2
  • Dreadnought x3
  • Drop Pod x3
  • Greater Daemon x1
  • Imperial knight x1
  • Land Raider x1
  • LandSpeeder x1
  • Predator x1
  • Praetors x1
  • Razorback x1
  • Rhino x3
  • Scout Squad x1
  • Stormraven x1
  • Stormtalon x2
  • Tactical Squad x10
  • Terminator Squad x1
  • Vanguard Veteran Squad x1
  • Venerable Dreadnought x1
  • Vindicator x1
  • Whirlwind x1

Special Characters

  • Marneus Calgar x1
  • Librarian x1
  • Librarian Tigurius x1
  • Captain Titus x1
  • Sergeant Sidonus x1
  • Limited Ed. Figure x1
  • Chaplain Judd Clausel x1
  • Hero/Sergeant x1
  • Captain Invictus & Retinue x1
  • Sargeant Tellion x1
  • Master Apothecary x1
  • Uriel Ventris x1
  • Veteran Captain/Sargeant x1
  • Standard Bearer x1
  • Captain Master of the Marches x1
  • Captain Master of the Rites x1

Useful Links

Just Giving Page

Dragon Forge Studio’s YouTube Channel

More information on IDICBeer’s web site

Ultramarine Gallery