Hobby Haven - The Final Siege of Hive Hyperia
Battle Reports

Hobby Haven – The Final Siege of Hive Hyperia

12,000 points on the battlefield!

Approximate Reading Time: 5 minutes

This is the final battle for Hive Hyperia, a 2v2 game with 3,000 points per player, an epic game of Warhammer 40K with 12,000 points on the table. The first two days of games can be found at The Siege of Hive Hyperia.

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The Battlefield

We had a ruined large building at one end. This would be the remains of the Palace and contain the Objective the enemy needed to take by the end of Turn 7.

The Forces

These are all the forces prepared around the edge of the battlefield;

  • Far left are the Blood Angels
  • Then moving towards the camera are my Cadians
  • Closest to the camera is the Iron Hands
  • Then the Red Corsairs to the right of the Iron Hands

Cadian 3,000 Points

This is my 3,000 points of Cadians. Everything is WYSIWYG, so it should be pretty self-explanatory from the numerous images of the force below.

This was also my first time running a Shadowsword!


There was a hell of a lot of models to deploy. The defenders, the Cadians and Blood Angels, deployed everything first.

Then the enemy deployed everything… but we decided off the cuff that when a unit was to be deployed, a D6 was rolled. On a one or a two, it would have to go into Strategic Resever because it was delayed because of continued fighting elsewhere in the hive.

Chaos – Turn 1

The board was big and the Chaos forces had a hell of a lot of ground to cover, so cover it they did in this first turn.

They charged down the board, and we took minimal casualties.

The Blood Angels Drop Pod in No Man’s Land was used as a terrain piece and not a model in the game.

Imperium – Turn 1

The Shadowsword whiffed all his shots! The trees in the centre were Dense Cover, so I was -1 to hit.

Not too many deaths this turn either…

Chaos – Turn 2

I lost a few Bullgryn this turn, and some infantry as the enemy Helldrake came in and toasted my Cadians manning the Aegis Defence Line at the front.

The left flank was getting hot. The Red Corsairs had landed a Dreadclaw there and disembarked Berserkers. And the frontline was trying to repel a charge from the Lord Discordant.

Imperium – Turn 2

The Helldrake went down after being shot by a Leman Russ Plasma Executioner and was charged by Death Company. A combined arms solution to the Flyer issue on the front line.

The left side was dealt with via shooting and melee, but not much remained from either side after the dust had settled.

Blood Angels Terminators and Contemptor Dreadnought were pushing up the right flank – trying to kill as many of the enemy before they inevitably reached the most squishy portions of the defence – namely the Cadians!

The Shadowsword connected this turn and health 4 x 12 wounds to an Iron Hands Gladiator tank. The -1 Damage took this down to 4 x 11, for 44 Wounds. I have never dealt this much damage ever.

I will say this now, having whiffed in the first turn, the above was repeated every turn until Turn 7. It was either 44 or 22 Wounds depending on the damage roll I made, but it did destroy an enemy tank every turn from Turn 2 until the end of the battle.

Glory to the Shadowsword!

Chaos – Turn 3

By the start of turn 3, I think I had lost one of my six Leman Russ. This turn, I would lose another three.

THe right flank was running hot again as a second wave of Red Corsairs advanced. The right was doing OK, the advancing Blood Angels had slowed the Iron Hands on that side down somewhat, but they were now gathering pace again.

Imperium – Turn 3

The frontline screen was Cadians was largely gone now, and both sides were severely lacking in manpower.

We were now beating back the attackers on our doorstep, with only the Shadowsword trying to remove the threat further back on the battlefield.

Turn 4

More grinding down from both sides; it was intense now.

The Defenders were unsure if we had enough left to stop the enemy.

And the enemy was unsure if they had enough to push through to the Objective.

Chaos – Turn 5

The Iron Hands charged the right flank and used this Charge, Pile In and Consolidation move to swing a unit of five Terminators right towards the Palace.

Imperium – Turn 5

The Shadowsword was still going, knocking out enemy Gladiators from afar.

The left frontline was a bloody affair, with Blood Angel Terminators, Lord Solar and a Tech-Priest taking on the last push of the Red Corsairs – namely, the Obliterators.

Those Obliterators had been reduced from three to two to one model, then back up to two, back down to one, etc. They had plodded forward all game, dying and then regaining a model.

And now they were knocking on the front door…

Turn 6

Who knows! I took no photos! Too intense!

Turn 7

By the end, the enemy was on the Objective, and so were we… it was close, and we were desperately out of time.

Who won? I do not know… what I do know is that this was the mots epic and amazing game of Warhammer 40,000 I have ever played and IT WILL be happening again!