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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

Hash Tag Excited for 8th Edition – Warhammer 40K Blog

I am excited for 8th! Emperor be praised!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well I just got done watching the Warhammer TV Live Stream about 8th Edition and I have come out of the other side of it in one piece and really excited. It seems others were engaged too, at the time of writing the video has 51,000 views.

This means two great things happened today;

  1. I gave blood for the 4th time
  2. 8th Edition has inspired and engaged me

I am slightly frustrated that the Fall of Cadia rule book I have is now useless. As are all the codexes I own and Campaign books. This is annoying. But if the new books are priced “low” then this should be OK in the end. It seems you need only one book for all Imperium armies? Therefore do I need one book for Guard, Tempestus Scions, Inquisition, Ad Mech, etc? If so, awesome! And maybe another book for the few┬áRaven Guard I have?

But overall this has got me excited for the 8th edition of 40K. Pete and Andy did a really great job of selling it and covering all the most important points that have been flying about the inter-webs over the last few weeks.

In short I am mainly pleased that;

  • Points are not disappearing and “building a list” will still be a thing, I love building lists and taking my time over them.
  • Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures will now work in the same way, maybe no more one shot exploding┬áLeman Russ now?
  • Assault is changing, it was far too slow in the past.
  • Free core rules, who doesn’t like free, although a paid for book version would be nice too.
  • Armies are now ruled by keywords, I think this means that there are going to be no more Super Friends and mental Deathstars.
  • No models left in the cold, all the current models you have will be valid still.
  • No templates, I am a little annoyed about this, I loved my Wyverns and the smiles it removed from people’s faces. But I didn’t love the wasted time. No templates could be a real time saver.

I was worried that 40K would be dumbed down and over simplified to the point that it was not 40K. But that certainly does not seem to be the case. The guys were making the right noises for me about the direction of the game. I am happy.

What are you most excited about for 8th?