Genestealer Cult vs Cadians  - 2,000 Points
Battle Reports

Genestealer Cult vs Cadians – 2,000 Points

My first time in a long time taking on those 'nid like humans!

Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes

It has been a long time since I last played against The Genestealer Cult, and I think my next game after this one will also be against them.

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This game was at Boards and Swords in Derby.

Cadians 2,000 Points List – Arks of Omen Detachment

I started on 4CP, and my mandatory slot was Elites, allowing me to take six plus three single-character Elites.

Agents of the Imperium

  • Culexus Assassin


  • Tank Commander with Gatekeeper with Heavy Bolters and Lascannon
  • Executioner Tank Commander with Heavy Bolters and Lascannon
  • Cadian Castellan with Grand Strategist 
  • Primaris Psyker with Mental Shackles and Psychic Maelstrom


  • 2x units of Cadian Shock Troops with Vox, Plasma Gun and Melta Gun

Fast Attack

  • 3x Scout Sentinels with Plasma Cannons
  • Hellhound

Heavy Support

  • Executioner with Heavy Bolters and Lascannon
  • Punisher with Heavy Bolters and Lascannon
  • Malleaus Rocket Launchers


  • 3x units of 3 Bullgryns with Power Mauls
  • 3x Commissars
  • 2x units of 5 Ratings
  • A unit of 3 Ogryns

Genestealer Cult

Lots of models!

The Mission – The Scouring

  • Control one or more objective markers.
  • Control two or more objective markers.
  • Control more objective markers than their opponent controls.

At the end of the game, there is also an Auspex Scan action to be completed on each objective for 3VP. It starts in your Movement Phase and ends in your next Command Phase.


I got to deploy everything first. The enemy blips could have been anything!

Genestealer Cult – Turn 1

The enemy moved up fast, and I lost two Sentinels right away.

Perhaps the most major loss was a Commissar from an auto-hitting sniper – what BS is what?! Not even the Vindicare auto hits.

This meant I was down an order for that 12″ Deep Strike denial area.

The Hellhound lost a handful of Wounds, as did the Punisher – but no vehicles were lost.

Cadians – Turn 1

My forces managed to remove the Genestealers and Bikes that had moved forward. I also took out 16 or so of a unit of 20 Neohyptes thanks to the Hellhound and the Malleus Rocket Launchers.

Genestealer Cult – Turn 2

I had a hole in my back lines because I moved forward in places that I perhaps should not have done, mainly the right flank. I went for an objective and Raising a Banner rather than protecting myself.

The loss of the Commissar on Turn 1 also meant I was down a set of Prefectus Orders for that 12″ denial.

Cadians – Turn 2

I had now lost a Leman Russ but was still in the fight. The Hellhound burnt through more Neophytes, and the Malleus Rockets finished them. They had done their job, but it was a shame it had taken two turns to get it done.

On the other flank, I cleared out the Aberrants after falling my Bullgryn back. I also destroyed the first enemy vehicle, the blue Rock Grinder type vehicle. It could not take the Plasma Overload!

Genestealer Cult – Turn 3

We ran out of time during turn three due to a late start. But it would have been very close. The white Genestealers on the bottom of the below image were killed and this open up that flank again for me. The other side was locked down by a new unit of 20 Neophytes.

I had the middle though and this game could have gone either way.


Final Score

Astra Militarum – 59~
Genestealer Cult – 49~